View Full Version : Eluna: Anti AVIP

06-08-2016, 01:33 PM
This Script will deny (Anti) Non (A) Vip Players (VIP) in a VIP Area. If a non vip player try to enter in the vip area, it will be teleported to somewhere else. To this can work, you need a "VIP key", some item that ONLY vip players have.

--Made by: Erictemponi--

-- ID of the "Vip Key"
local item = 26045

-- ID of the Vip Area
local area = 3712

-- To where the non vip players will be teleported
local map = 571
local x = 5804.149902
local y = 624.770996
local z = 647.767029
local o = 1.640000

local function vipArea(event, player)
if (player:GetAreaId() == area) then
if (player:HasItem(item) == false) then
player:Teleport(map, x, y, z, o)

RegisterPlayerEvent(27, vipArea)
The data used for that Script was:
Vip Item: 26045 (Halaa Token)
Vip Area: 3712 (Area 52)
To where the non vip players will be teleported: Dalaran

If you want change it, feel free to do it.