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03-01-2016, 11:31 PM
We're on the home stretch!

Nomsoft Kickstart
All we need now is only $72.95 in order to file the registration!
Unfamiliar what I am referring to? See Here: Nomsoft Kickstart (http://emudevs.com/showthread.php/5370-Nomsoft-Kickstart)

As an incentive for backing Nomsoft (http://www.nomsoft.net), we added a higher contributor rank on the forum.
This rank, "Premium Member" is for those who back Nomsoft in return for goodies. We are also
opening a "Premium Hub" section for this usergroup so they can access all information on
Nomsoft (http://www.nomsoft.net) development, releases, inside information, giving suggestions and PLENTY of random giveaways.

NOTE: Founders, Administrators, Super Moderators and Moderators have ZERO access to the new section.
Only Team Nomsoft (http://www.nomsoft.net) and Premium Members are able to view its content.

New Ranks Images
In light of this new rank, we completely re-made the old rank images and
added a rank for every member level.

The full rank list:
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/nomsoft.png - Employed by Nomsoft
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/founder.png - Founder
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/administrator.png - Administrator
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/supermoderator.png - Super Moderator
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/moderator.png - Moderator
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/premium-member.png - Premium Member
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/valued-contributor.png - Donators
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/edseller.png - Approved ED Sellers
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/member.png - Level I (level 1)
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/member.png - Level II
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_v.png - Level V
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_x.png - Level X
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_xv.png - Level XV
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_xx.png - Level XX
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_xxx.png - Level XXX
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_xl.png - Level XL
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_l.png - Level L
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_lx.png - Level LX
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_lxx.png - Level LXX
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_lxxx.png - Level LXXX
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_xc.png - Level XC
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_c.png - Level C
http://emudevs.com/images/edranks/level_d.png - Level D (level 500 max)

Thanks for reading! o/

03-01-2016, 11:41 PM
:first: looks awesome :D

03-02-2016, 12:22 AM
:first: looks awesome :D

Thanks ;)

Updated the thread a little more