View Full Version : [SOLVED] Migrating core W10 > W Serv 12 R2

01-30-2016, 02:30 PM
Hello Emudevs,

First a big thank you for providing such a stable core and providing great support all the time,

So while I am waiting on my host to solve some technical issues I decided to check to see if my migration plan is correct or if I have missed something vitally important (I am new to server management and such). My core is basically 'nearly' the latest trinity core with some custom scripts (rotchet multi vendor etc.) and we of course need to transfer our databases all from my Windows 10 PC to the Windows Server i purchased.

Ok so my plan was like this for the Windows 2012 Server

1. Install .Net framework 4 or higher, VS Studio 2012 Update 5, Cmake, OpenSSL, Boost 1.59, MySQL ≥ 5.1.0 , OpenSSL ≥ 1.0.0 and CMake ≥ 3.3.2 as stated in Wiki
2. Install Git, and then clone my source onto the server
3. create a new build directory on server (I think this is right rather than transfer the old build folder from Win 10 PC)
3. use Cmake and configure my core/build directorys and then generate with tools
4. compile with Visual studio
5. replace my windows 10 DLLs in build/bin/release folder with the new DLLs from the programs i just installed in windows server
6. Copy over Nmaps mmaps vmaps and dbc files into build/binrelease folder from my Win 10 build/bin/release version
7. import my 3 databases and change any configs such as auth.conf etc.

Now i think thats the general idea of it or have i got something wrong? Would love some feedback


01-30-2016, 02:42 PM
If you're going by the wiki then I'm not sure why you're looking for confirmation.

That's pretty much how you do it, let us know if you run in to any problems