View Full Version : [SOLVED] Realm offline

12-27-2015, 10:55 PM
Hello, well i compiled a fresh SkyfireEmu 5.4.8 well there is no any problems with core, the main problem when i start world server and auth everything is going allright no errors about mysql or stuff like that. But when i start wow.exe (patched) i can connect to my created account with worldserver.exe prompt BUT i stuck on realm selection and i see my realm gray (i can't select it) if i'm right this thing happens when there miss configuration in world not in auth, so i checked everything in worldserver.conf but still have same issue. maybe i need edit those bind ip or whatever else, i have no clue and no ideas already 2 hrs of changing stuff still no results.
Was thinking about flag in realmlist table in database but still nope.
then checked worldserver.exe and authserver.exe for errors or any pings or whatever on connection time, nothing everything should work perfectly....
was thinking about client, but my internet is like 1mb/s so before downloading new client wanna be sure...
After countless hours of researches , i found solution. (i reisntalled client about 3 times) but the real solution was to find correct patched wow.exe :)
if someone need just let me know i'll upload it here.