View Full Version : [SOLVED] Strange aura duration bug.

12-25-2015, 12:39 AM
I'm currently running a server on Linux(Debian) machine which is live, also running one on my local machine for testing purposes which is on Windows 7.

On the Linux server, every spell/aura duration seems to be bugged out.
For example;
http://imgur.com/OV273Ah ( As you can see in this picture, I've casted [Unleash Elements] and it's proc'd [Earthliving Weapon] -> Unleash Life, as you can see the duration is stuffed, this seems to be happening on every spell/aura. )

Update(Example 2): The duration's from character_aura's, Noticed this now, maybe this could be apart of this issue, I've checked source, etc and i haven't modified anything that would change it.
Linux: http://imgur.com/TpC0dIv -> Character_aura -> http://imgur.com/hrCxK2D
Windows7: http://imgur.com/K0r1sCI -> Character_aura -> http://imgur.com/Ic8sXxi

However, on my local machine everything seems to be fine(Windows 7, spells and aura's seem to be fine, there duration are competently normal). Now I am using the same source/database on my local/Linux machine, including dbc, vmaps, etc.

Wondering if anyone would have any insight as to why this is happening or being caused?
Note: I haven't made any changes to my SpellMgr, etc that would cause such an issue.


Kind regards.