View Full Version : [SOLVED] unable to make 2 realms on same host

10-24-2015, 04:01 PM
Hello Emudevs, no matter what i tried, could never make 2 realms run at the same time. My main realm is 4.3.4 wowemu source based on trinitycore and tried to add 3.3.5a realm pure trinitycore, but could not work. Ofc i edited auth db in both to be the same and edited ports 8085 and 8086 for second realm.. was running 4.3.4 auth since 3.3.5a does not recognize 4.3.4.. but no matter what i could only have 1 realm working, the other would say bad realm and dc me. So i quit that and got another 4.3.4 source that would be blizzlike, figured that should at least work, but nope..also edited auth config, but no use. everything looks fine in db but it simply does not work.

Probably main problem is i never before tried hosting 2 realms on same host, so any advice is welcome.
Thank you for your time

10-24-2015, 04:11 PM
TrintyCore 4.3.4 uses 8086 for instance port, if that's what you're using. Make sure to go through your configuration files. Mine works just fine, if you go lower or higher on the ports, beside default ports used.

11-02-2015, 07:13 PM
Thanx Sylica, unfortunately problem is not so simple. These editing of configs and ports, adjusting auth db etc. was first things i tried but could never make it work, only lately i found out why it wont work..
It won't work with other cores i tried because this wowsource is old core and has no rbac, so auth has to be coded in source so it matches the structure of the other source which is more new and has rbac etc.

So yeah i have to pay one guy to code this auth for me since i don't have enough time to do it and never done it.
i wish sometimes life was more easy :faint:

p.s. and the guy is busy cleaning his room and will take him a week or so to do this :NO.:
oh well..