View Full Version : [SOLVED] NPC say sql

10-20-2015, 07:07 PM
Hello guys, do you know any simple sql i could use to make some creature say certain txt?

p.s. i'm using wow emu source that is based on trinitycore 4.3.4

11-01-2015, 12:33 PM
so far found only this, it's for 3.3.5a:

- SMARTAI script
SET @ENTRY := 123456; -- Change this to your npc entry

DELETE FROM `smart_scripts` WHERE `entryorguid`=@ENTRY AND `source_type`=@SOURCETYPE;

INSERT INTO `smart_scripts` (`entryorguid`, `source_type`, `id`, `link`, `event_type`, `event_phase_mask`, `event_chance`, `event_flags`, `event_param1`, `event_param2`, `event_param3`, `event_param4`, `action_type`, `action_param1`, `action_param2`, `action_param3`, `action_param4`, `action_param5`, `action_param6`, `target_type`, `target_param1`, `target_param2`, `target_param3`, `target_x`, `target_y`, `target_z`, `target_o`, `comment`)
VALUES (@ENTRY,@SOURCETYPE,0,0,64,0,100,0,120000,120000,1 20000,120000,1,0,0,0 ,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,"Talk on gossip!");
-- Your npc will yell once every 120000 milliseconds = 2 minutes

-- Text Creature
INSERT INTO `creature_text` (`entry`, `text`, `type`, `probability`, `comment`)
VALUES (123456, 'Insert your text here', 14, 100, 'Comment');

creature_text type can be changed to
12 = Say
14 = Yell
16 = Emote
41 = Boss Emote
15 = Whisper
42 = Boss Whisper


might be twinked to make npc say more txt, not just 1