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10-19-2015, 03:08 AM
i posted this on A.C.-w.e.b before but i wonder if i can get some it seems abit dead have not get awnser in 2 days now and i get errors.

one said i should use this: http://www.ac-.web.org/forums/showthread.php?211868-3-3-5a-Spell-Regulator-Modifier

he helpt me make my unit.cpp file here: http://pastebin.com/pHKsqtfv

here is what errors i get:


here is what the file has in it:

Now create a .cpp file and add it to your scripts project as well, paste this in
#include "SpellRegulator.h"

void AddSC_SpellRegulator()
new RegulatorLoader;

thnaks alot for your into, ia hve a running server for i recolne the code but this one i cant use atm.

10-19-2015, 05:52 AM
can i remake the SQL file to add a note? so i can add for what spell it is for whould me so easy to change them later if need tp balance it out.


i did add the this:'

CREATE TABLE `spellregulator` (
`percentage` FLOAT NOT NULL DEFAULT '100',
PRIMARY KEY (`spellId`)

i cahnged it to chinese for im not sure if need to my Database has it the orginal are: COLLATE='latin1_swedish_ci' not sure if it make any effect. but i will see that when i get it working then in know whats problem atleast.

10-19-2015, 06:54 AM
The script was made for TrinityCore so it doesnt work directly like that.
Would need to convert it to mangos.

10-19-2015, 11:29 AM
well the one how made it said it should work. and he puted it in for me.... but he did not awnser when i rote my error 2 days ago.... so you mean its a waste of time? if so how else can i do it? i still need it, so he pointed me to it. i even said it was for trinitycore and not mangos + that it was for 3.3.5 not 1.12.1 i did state clear what i needed and what i used. but he sid i should work.
here is my thread about it: http://www.ac-.web.org/forums/showthread.php?214931-makeing-spells-stronger-ELUA-or-C-(Mangos-1-12-1)

10-19-2015, 01:19 PM
No, it does not work directly.
If you were using OregonCore, then it MIGHT work with LESS converting, but never without any.
Overall the principle would be the same on all cores, but some of the functions need to be changed and things relocated a bit since there are no script classes like WorldScript on mangos and cmangos.

Here are few things you could try:
Edit the spells in DBC files
Edit the SpellMgr.cpp part where it loads spell corrections. In there you can tweak the spell damage I believe. Currently most edits are flags etc.
Do a similar core modification as the spell regulator you tried, but either code one for mangos or use the existing one and fix the errors (convert the system for mangos).

10-19-2015, 01:57 PM

Edit the spells in DBC files

some what works. i know i cant edit all spells i sit for 6+ hours and edit only the last ranks of the spells. but i know i can edit them all. and i dont remember with one did not work. i can give it a new shoot but i whould rather have a cpp file where ic an edit and test stuff. i dont say im lazy in any way i usely go the hard long way for i want to make it proffesinal. but sadly i dont knwo c++ or any comdeing at all. whay i where asking was only.

i do not ask for a full script.
i know there are alot of people here how ask for done stuff, i dont the only thing i ask for are to learn. so basic what i whould like to have are like 5 min of you if you where able to write a simple one there you write the start and end. write where i put the multiplier, for the effect and to spells like 10000 and 10001 so i can see ok its this how it works. then i can go ion and sit and that the time to get ALL the spells i need. it will take time but then you done your part rest is up to me. i cant ask you to do it all, whats the fun in that?
if there is a way to make it take all Ranks of that spell i whould like to know, if not i will just sit and all add the ranks^^

but i did get this instead with did not work. i donmt want you to do the work for me only to show me how.. so ic an do it and learn from it,.

10-19-2015, 02:24 PM
The spell regulator seems to fit your needs alright.
You could probably just fix the errors and it would be fine.
The errors seem to all be about the loading of the spells from the DB.

One simple way is to comment out these from SpellRegulator.h:

uint32 msTime = getMSTime();

TC_LOG_INFO("server.loading", "Loaded %u regulated spells in %u ms", count, GetMSTimeDiffToNow(msTime));

class RegulatorLoader : public WorldScript
RegulatorLoader() : WorldScript("SpellRegulatorLoader") {}

void OnStartup() override

Then all you need is to fix the usage of QueryResult (see ObjectMgr.cpp) and add a call to sSpellRegulator->LoadFromDB() to somewhere in World.cpp where it handles the startup (there are ton of sObjectMgr.Load* calls there)

10-19-2015, 02:45 PM
sorry man i dont get a simgel thiong you try to tell. what i get are. if in this file. look for them. here is what make problem you fix database stuff in here. look for this.

i dont understand c++ i can edit simple stuff like cahnged the WSG flag counts. or cahnged a NPC id or some stimple stuff, i can add stuff to core adding scriptes. but i cant look at a pice of code and understadn what to do with it... nor can iu look at your code and see if you write it ahve it should be id ont understand, im just intressted in learning some stuff of it but i never study c++ or codeing at all i learn from trying to write some sciptes useint tutorials but well i still dont get how its working. sorry to be a complte noob at it. i know you see alot of people just want you help and not even saying thanks im so sad for you. they think you can fic it and make them happy but you dont get anything back.... this is only for you know codeing. this is so wrong im my eye i whould like to give back i just dont know. nor do i know if i can learn it im studying a new alnguage now and some other school stuff i dont know if i ahve the time to try learn c++ nor if i can learn it in good way otr how i should do it.... im only intressted in learniong wow server stuff. but maybe thats wrong way of looking at it...

so yea i dont understand what you want me to do im so sorry.

10-21-2015, 01:59 PM
anyone know what Rochet2 mean? what i should do? my c++ are so bad so i cant understand it