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09-08-2015, 07:14 AM
Greetings Emudevs,

a year ago i downloaded the latest TC Repository that was avaible back then via Github.
A few weaks later i found out about Eluna and added it to the local Trinitycore.
I made a Mistake back then since i downloaded the Eluna Repository as Rar and added it to the Core i already had.
Everything worked just fine back then.
Over the last months we updated our local Trinitycore and maked changes to the core ( Level, Statscount, Anticheat etc. etc. )
Sadly i did not write a log about the changes i made.

Now i have the problem that i need to update Eluna to the newest Version.

So i tried the 2 ways i found out while searching about it:

1. commiting the changes and pulling the new source
-> An error for each local change, still updates everything, ends in about 50 compiling errors when i try it ( can post them later, i am at work )

2. stashing the changes, pulling the updates, applying the changes
-> Sounds good so far, but since i made a mistake back then the Eluna Folder in \src\ is a Directory and cant be stashed. when i try the parameter to decide which files to stash i get over 8000 messages with "Do you want to stash XY - Y for Yes"

So, since i made a pretty stupid mistake back then, and since im a complete noob in Github i am asking you for help.

How can i update my Trinitycore + Eluna AND keep all local changes i made?

I hope my pretty bad english is in some kind understandable. If you need any more Informations about the topic i can add them later / when im back from work!

Screenshots of the Errors etc will get added when im back at home!

09-08-2015, 08:29 AM
Since the source might be screwed and updates might not apply properly I would suggest/do the following:
- Remove the eluna folder from the source of yours.
- Try get the same TC rev your core source is at, but a clean one.
- Use git diff to get a difference between the clean one and the source of yours.
- Apply the diff to the clean source, but dont commit it etc
- Remove all unnecessary changes from the clean source caysed by the applied diff that seem to be related to eluna. (for example scriptmgr.cpp/h changes and such) git checkout can be used to reset a file or folder.
- After the above you should have only your custom changes in the source. You you can commit it and try merge eluna. However if you want the recommended installation you should create a diff of the changes and follow the installation guide here: https://github.com/ElunaLuaEngine/Eluna/blob/master/docs/INSTALL.md and then apply the diff you just created that contains your custom changes only.

Im sure there are many other ways to go around doing this and so, but this is one that I know would probably work alright.

09-08-2015, 09:20 AM
Thanks for the fast answer!

i will test it in a few hours as soon as im home :)


Another question, i found the right Version of TC that matches my core, putted in in folder TCnew
then i copied my tc in the folder TCold, both in the same directory and removed the Lua folder.

Now with what Parameters do i need to run git diff to create a patchfile with everything?

Greetings Noones

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currently i try to create a diff with git diff but im kinda to stupid for it.

what parameters do i need to use to create a diff patch with the folders TCold and TCnew?

Greetings Noones