View Full Version : Unofficial Merging

08-28-2015, 09:53 PM
This is a subject that needs to be dealt with. It comes to our attention that a lot of users are merging Eluna with their unofficial sources, which is fine. However, the majority of those users are asking for support when unofficially merging themselves. As you may know we don't support unofficial merging. We will still help to an EXTENT by linking needed documentation, diffs and other necessary essentials that could potentially help, but it is still YOUR ISSUE to handle. If we choose to, we can ignore any unofficial merge support threads and/or requests AT ANY TIME.

When you merge Eluna with an unofficial source it creates too many issues for us to keep helping everyone that continue to do this. Those issues are: linker errors, compile errors, CMake errors, merge conflicts, and more. Eluna is a big project and most people tend to ignore that fact.