View Full Version : [SOLVED] how to add eluna to 5.4.8

08-26-2015, 02:14 AM
how to add eluna to trinity 5.4.8

1. i have added eluna and a few cmake add subdirectory mods ect and compiled it
but i keep getting common h include errors.

2. something about the battleground includes then i commented out the battleground includes
then i received twice as much more errors.

3. read all the eluna tuts

3.1 download source

3.2. git submodule init,git submodule update (not initializing)

4. is it something to do with _ELUNA_INCLUDES_H

any help would be appreciated ty

08-26-2015, 04:34 AM
There's no real support for adding it to 5.4.8 since it is a ways up there before we even consider implementing Eluna with higher expansions past Cataclysm, mainly because they aren't really public ready as far as I've tested in the past.

You could probably try comparing the diff on the highest expansion via TrinityCore we support: Cataclysm and work off of that.

Eluna implementation is much more than adding it to a "few" CMake files and what you've gone through to try & make it work.

08-26-2015, 10:01 AM
ok that's a great help ty for your reply. :)