View Full Version : [SOLVED] Custom Item in Mango's not working

08-15-2015, 05:44 PM
Hey guys.

I have been working to try and add a custom piece of gear into my Mango's 3.3.5a server and the item comes up exactly how I want it. However, I can't get rid of the ? symbol in my bag.

I have edited item.dbc and itemdisplayinfo.dbc

I placed the item.dbc and the itemdisplayinfo.dbc files in to my server_source\dbc folder.

I have checked to make sure the .dbc files saved properly and that the new data is indeed in them.

I created a patch-8.MPQ and placed in my wow\data dir.

I changed the database entry in item_template to reflect the correct displayID as well as the entryID.

I have deleted my wtf and cache folders.

When I get into the game and add the item to my inventory it still comes up with a question mark in my bag as well as my inventory. The item can still be equipped and seems to be functioning without issue.

The funny thing is if I use an existing displayID in the item.dbc and the database and recreate the patch and move the dbc files over I am able to see the displayID in my characters gear inventory but my bag still shows the ?.

If anyone could please give me a hand on what in the world I am doing wrong that would be greatly appreciated. Here is the entry's that I have made into the item.dbc and itemdisplayinfo.dbc

60001,4,1,-1,-1,70001,8,0, --item.dbc
70001,"","","","","INV_Boots_Cloth_08","",3,0,0,0x0,0,7,0,0,"","","","","","Plate_D_05_Gold_Belt_LU","Leather_D_02Silver_Boot_LL","Leather_D_02Silver_Boot_FO",0,0, --ItemDisplayInfo.dbc

08-16-2015, 12:40 AM
I'm not quite sure but I think you'd have to edit ItemIcon.dbc or whatever the file is called :) (Mangos isn't my strongest side but I think that should do the trick.)