View Full Version : [VIDEO] Vlog - How I personally use M2Mod4 - Maybe helpful for others

04-15-2015, 03:08 AM
This isn't a Tutorial which is why I'm posting it here, it's more of a Mix between a Vlog and a Livestream, hence Vlogstream. I just talk my way through my crude method of putting Mario into Wow.

Most of my preps last atleast 4-6 hours before I even begin to put it into the game, in this video, the prep itself lasted only about 60-70 minutes, since i'm not counting the time used to slice and weight it and also the photoshop part where I remake the eye texture. Just the time spent on prepping the 3d model itself.

Putting this up because it may prove helpful for others to see someone actually use the Tool to actually put in a new 3D model into the game rather than just modifying an existing model and putting that back into the game. Also for anyone that may be a Cinema 4D user as well may benefit from this.



Download Links: There's like 30 links, just look on the YouTube video's description for them, doing this now to save myself from having to update 5+ forums whenever my links need to be updated. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIO0X7wie-8)

Funny picture, CRACK FIEND MARIO!!!
(caused by my blp being a DXT1 where as the original used a DXT5/A type BLP, a simple change to the render type fixed it.)

http://puu.sh/hdLX0.jpg (http://puu.sh/hdLX0.jpg)