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04-14-2015, 02:36 AM
No need for WowMe since the map is on a MapID(586, one of the Transport ones) that's not checked against the Signatures. Also there aren't any dbc files in this patch.

Port Coordinates for OregonCore and probably other Emulators as well:
.go xyz 1470 3467 182 586

Place the MPQ file that's in the RAR Archive into your Data folder where your common.MPQ and patch.MPQ files are at. then just start up the game as normal and once ingame, the coords above should work without having to do any sort of Core DBC or Database Edits atleast I don't recall doing any of that.

Download and Misc Links:
♠ The Wandering Isle Map: Check the YouTube Video's Description, I'd rather update one place if I ever have to update links than 5 separate areas. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42qHNQwdjhQ)
♠ My 010 Based Cata/MoP to TBC M2 Converter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tK-zr3g-2k
--Special Thanks to ToxicDev for letting me use a part of his webbie for file distribution!

It doesn't have all doodad objects, mainly because I couldn't get them all to convert over properly and just don't have the time to work on the converter anymore, another reason why not all the objects are there is because I only looked at objects that came in the Mist of Pandaria Install, so things that were from Cataclysm or WoTLK are going to be missing because of that.

Also there is no water data because the Water information used in TBC is no longer used anymore and I've not gotten around to looking into if it's possible to build the old type data with the new data.

A lot of textures may look wrong, it's not because I have the wrong BLP files or anything, it's because the newer expansions have new blending systems that didn't exist in the older version of the game. So from the screenshots you'll see various White surfaces on the WMOs, this is because the use of combining flags 2 and 4 didn't work until WoTLK.

http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan001.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan001.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan002.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan002.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan003.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan003.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan004.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan004.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan005.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan005.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan006.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan006.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan007.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan007.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan008.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan008.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan009.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan009.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan011.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan011.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan012.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan012.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan013.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan013.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan014.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan014.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan015.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan015.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan016.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan016.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan017.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan017.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan018.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan018.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan019.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan019.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan020.jpg (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wan020.jpg)
http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wanthumnail.png (http://codesplode.com/WanderingIsleTBCDistro/wanthumnail.png)

04-14-2015, 03:37 AM
Awesome! Always love newer content on the older patches. :D

04-15-2015, 03:05 AM
Awesome! Always love newer content on the older patches. :D
XD thanks, it's a brain smashing process but someone's gotta do it ^_^