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03-13-2015, 04:27 AM
Hey there EmuDevs. I feel like I am at my wits end with this, trying to get the character create screen to stop giving me this error. I believe I have edited everything correctly in the Database, Core, and Client side. I added a custom class, Necromancer, to the server. I can log in and do stuff (from what Ive added so far) but I cannot actually create the character from the create screen. Sorry if this has been posted before, but I have spent hours looking for a solution and can't find it. :baby:

Here is the error: http://i.imgur.com/GOQSHKM.png

Here are my edits:

http://pastebin.com/SbnK5PbU - CharacterCreate.xml
http://pastebin.com/ag382Lj9 - CharacterCreate.lua
http://pastebin.com/1Sm6Rcya - GlueStrings.lua
http://pastebin.com/mSB3EPRK - CharBaseInfo.dbc (ClassID = 12, added to Human (1) and Undead (2)
http://pastebin.com/yKMALVvn - ChrClasses.dbc
http://pastebin.com/4K3jGYwR - SharedDefines.h
http://pastebin.com/AUqYGJhd - StatSystem.cpp
http://pastebin.com/R4Xyy3hz - StatSystem.cpp
http://pastebin.com/1Cm6Jxxq - StatSystem.cpp

DBC that are in the client is also in the server's DBC folder as well.

I hope someone can help me figure this out. Thank you!

It shouldnt say race in the bottom left box. Should have the word "Necromancer" there, so maybe there is something wrong with that bit?

I noticed that I had 13 set as my max classes per race, instead of 12 (11 classes +1). I did that both core and client sided and it still gave me the same error. Am I missing something?

03-13-2015, 08:46 AM
Yes mate, i had the same problem it's because u extracted createcharacter.xml from locale-ENUS/ENGB and u must do it from patch-enUS/enGB-2.MPQ
i can give you mine :
and i can give u a hint, when u create your new class u can get same problem as me, they refuse to learn anything that in playercreateinfo table :)
Hope it helps ;)
And set back max_class in charactercreate.lua to 11 because if more u will get wow error.

03-13-2015, 02:09 PM
thank you for the quick reply, I am still getting the error though :(

Unfortunately I have to go to work, so I will try again when I get home.

03-13-2015, 02:35 PM
Do you set MAX_CLASSES_PER_RACE = 11; ? ind charactercreate.lua and 12 (11+1) in core?
do you get the same error or something changed?
Maybe you made patch inccorect?

03-14-2015, 12:06 AM
Haha I feel like a complete idiot now. I KNEW it was something I was overlooking. It was my patch path... it had nothing to do with the files themselves, I had it in Patch-z.mpq/GlueXML/ without the Interface.

However: I still have a problem. My client is crashing when I go to the character create screen now lol. I will look into the crash but if you know what could possibly be doing it please let me know. :D

03-14-2015, 01:17 AM
I got it, thanks for the help. Now onto the playercreate info and stuff.

Can I get this marked as SOLVED please?