View Full Version : [SOLVED] Script .patch Vip Premium Eluna 4.3.4

02-21-2015, 07:17 AM
Hello guys.i want Script .patch vip premium For Eluna 4.3.4.
and this script have Xp Rate And Quest rate and honor rate.
who have it ?

madar jende ha javab bedin dg

02-23-2015, 05:48 AM
I have, scripts for VIP ACCOUNTS.

vip.1 = lvl.81 Talents 110 Max.
vip.2 = lvl.82 Talents 125 Max.
vip.3 = lvl.83 Talents 135 Max.
vip.4 = lvl.84 Talents 145 Max.
vip.5 = lvl.85 Talents 158 Max.
vip.6 = lvl.86 Talents 172 Max.
vip.7 = lvl.87 Talents 192 Max.
vip.8 = lvl.88 Talents 250 Max.

(only for Trinity Eluna 3.3.5)

easy, you can change the level and the talents rate. :rolleyes2:

VIP each with different Talent Rate.

contact me : kusanagy_azakura@outlook.com