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02-13-2015, 01:34 PM
Hello, I've recently started my adventure with wow modding/trinitycore or emulation overall. For fun and education I decided I'd add a monk class to 3.3.5. So far I've been able to add another class to the core. Teach it basic skills like weapon/armor and make it have an automatic learned stance at creation with talent tabs and skill tabs all done with dbc/sql. However I can't find where does trinitycore handle switching resources of our character. I want to make 2 stances use energy and 1 use mana (the default power type). I digged through many files in the core itself and tried to find any reasonable solution within the dbc files with no success. Any help or guidance in the right direction would be appreciated.

02-13-2015, 02:12 PM

void Player::InitDataForForm(bool reapplyMods)

02-13-2015, 03:04 PM
Thank you very much. At the moment compiling but it looks like it's going to work. For anyone interested in this. You need to add your new stance/form to SpellShapeShift.dbc then add adress to this in unit.h and finally add another case to switch (or use an existing one). Will update as soon as possible.

Edit: It did work.