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01-08-2015, 01:50 AM
Hello everyone. I'm here today to tell everyone about the new rule changes (http://emudevs.com/misc.php?do=vsarules). The rules have been organized and categorized into sections and what they relate to. So now, when staff links a rule it will be easier to track down. This also includes an important new rule everyone needs to be familiar with.

For example:

Section 1A, Rule #3

This means I will go to Section 1A rules and look at rule number 3, which is:

Post in the correct sections.


Sections 1A-1G is all general rules.
Section 2A is recommended and not recommend paste & upload sites.
Some rules were deleted that doesn't matter anymore with some of the changes we've made to EmuDevs last year.

New Rule:

Do not copy any member releases (or other) and post the contents on another website unless you have consent from the said creator. It is only appropriate for an EmuDevs member to distribute their own content, and not someone else that does not have permission to do so. We are also going to start enforcing people doing that on EmuDevs too. If we find out you're still doing this without getting consent you will be banned.

The new rule was added because of members are copying EmuDevs release thread contents and pasting them in a new thread on their website(s) without the consent of the content owner. The said content owner can distribute their own content if they please to do so; however, people can do the same if the owner of the content gives the copier permission to do so. I will not give out the names of the members who are doing this as nobody needs to know.

Threads on EmuDevs related to such (but the opposite -- members getting content on another website and posting them in EmuDevs) will be reviewed to see if you were given permission to distribute the content. If you were not given permission the thread or threads will be moved to the trash. If anyone does this more than once you will be banned.

Existing threads on EmuDevs related to the new rule will be ignored because the rule didn't exist when those said threads were made.