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01-07-2015, 01:05 PM
Hello... How can i make a donor preview npc?

I want only to show the donor items to players, so they cant buy anything from the NPC, just see

01-07-2015, 03:31 PM
add a currency that cannot be dropped/looted and voila

01-07-2015, 03:57 PM
But how i can set the price on that vendor? Eg... how to set this currency as price?

01-07-2015, 04:18 PM
You would need a DBC or C++ edit if you want a custom currency. Or you could make it so that an existing currency is not dropped anywhere.
You would need to set an extended cost for the items for that.

You could also try checking this, it uses a script C++ if you dont want a core modification:

01-07-2015, 04:54 PM
How i can make it not dropped anywhere? How to make a token exclusive? Eg: badge of justice

01-07-2015, 05:03 PM
Run this query in your world database, make sure to set the right item id
at line one.

SET @ITEM_ID = 24065; -- The item id here, 24065 is an example...

DELETE FROM creature_loot_template
WHERE item = @ITEM_ID;

This is just for creatures though, for items/gameobjects loot this query would be the
same, just change the table name (item_loot_template, gameobject_loot_template).

If your token is a reward from a quest, you have to delete it from RewardItemId(1-4)
and RewardItemCount(1-4) aswell (quest_template).

Edit: For completeness I went ahead and made the whole thing,
so this one should remove the possibility (at least for as far as I know)
of obtaining a certain item.

SET @ITEM_ID = 24073; -- The item id here, 24065 is an example...

-- Loot templates.
DELETE FROM creature_loot_template
WHERE item = @ITEM_ID;
DELETE FROM item_loot_template
WHERE item = @ITEM_ID;
DELETE FROM gameobject_loot_template
WHERE item = @ITEM_ID;
DELETE FROM pickpocketing_loot_template
WHERE item = @ITEM_ID;

-- There's probably an easier way to do all this,
-- but whatever ...

-- Quest rewards:
-- Default rewards.
UPDATE quest_template
SET RewardItemId1 = '0', RewardItemCount1 = '0'
WHERE RewardItemId1 = @ITEM_ID;
UPDATE quest_template
SET RewardItemId2 = '0', RewardItemCount2 = '0'
WHERE RewardItemId2 = @ITEM_ID;
UPDATE quest_template
SET RewardItemId3 = '0', RewardItemCount3 = '0'
WHERE RewardItemId3 = @ITEM_ID;
UPDATE quest_template
SET RewardItemId4 = '0', RewardItemCount4 = '0'
WHERE RewardItemId4 = @ITEM_ID;

-- Quest rewards:
-- Choice rewards.
UPDATE quest_template
SET RewardChoiceItemId1 = '0', RewardChoiceItemCount1 = '0'
WHERE RewardChoiceItemId1 = @ITEM_ID;
UPDATE quest_template
SET RewardChoiceItemId2 = '0', RewardChoiceItemCount2 = '0'
WHERE RewardChoiceItemId2 = @ITEM_ID;
UPDATE quest_template
SET RewardChoiceItemId3 = '0', RewardChoiceItemCount3 = '0'
WHERE RewardChoiceItemId3 = @ITEM_ID;
UPDATE quest_template
SET RewardChoiceItemId4 = '0', RewardChoiceItemCount4 = '0'
WHERE RewardChoiceItemId4 = @ITEM_ID;
UPDATE quest_template
SET RewardChoiceItemId5 = '0', RewardChoiceItemCount5 = '0'
WHERE RewardChoiceItemId5 = @ITEM_ID;
UPDATE quest_template
SET RewardChoiceItemId6 = '0', RewardChoiceItemCount6 = '0'
WHERE RewardChoiceItemId6 = @ITEM_ID;

01-07-2015, 05:35 PM
WoW Grandelf... thanks man xD