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12-30-2014, 05:12 PM
Well guys justt read the Image...----->> http://prntscr.com/5mooof

12-30-2014, 06:15 PM
Tommy posted 12-30-2013, 07:31 PM #2:

Inside of DBCEnums.h, you will see an enumerator at the top with the max levels:


Inside of the World.cpp when it loads the CONFIG_PLAYER_MAX_LEVEL, it checks to see if the setting is higher than MAX_LEVEL, which is 100. Change MAX_LEVEL to 255 and see if it works. About the STRONG_MAX_LEVEL, they do have specific checks regarding that; however, I'm not sure if they don't specifically do anything to the cap itself. I'm not sure about other checks or not.

look at this thread to solve the level cap error.


12-30-2014, 06:35 PM
Yeah i have reading 2 hours but still don't work..

12-30-2014, 06:54 PM
thats becuse its not ment to go over 255

Rochet2 wrote

I suggest you dont try to go over 255, as the game and the core are designed for level 80 in mind and the max value reported to be in client is 255 due to obvious type of the variables etc.
Also the data in client and server ends at 80 or 100 level.
Packets also expect this same type to be used, and your game may crash from invalid packets.
Why not tweak the current level system? You can tweak the stats the player receives and the XP amount needed for each level.

as you can see on the page with the last link in my previous comment.

12-30-2014, 07:11 PM
well i now modify all back to lvl 80 or.. ?

12-30-2014, 07:36 PM
as Syphex never go over 255 unless you plan to do alot of core mods and probably you will need to fix a few client side errors too i would say that 255 is even too high i would stop at 150ish

12-30-2014, 08:05 PM
well guys so ? still need help :(

12-30-2014, 09:47 PM
Yeah, i know one friend who has been playing on one server, one server that had level cap of 2000. it takes ages to get it to working and you need to be alot of people that are experianced to be able to do it on a short time, (1 month)

due to debugging, dbc editing, c++ and all of that stuff. this is nothing easy to do, you also need to have a client side patch that support the system.

the help you need will probably cost. and since no one on emu devs here has done it before, then i don't think we can.

12-31-2014, 09:17 AM
Problem is SOLVED.