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11-28-2014, 04:20 PM
Can someone help Me to fix smoke bomb in 4.3.4
i cant say this in trinity because it is closed project in 4.3.4
i really like if someone help Me to fix it

11-28-2014, 09:30 PM
Can you be more specific other than "Smoke Bomb" -- there's probably a ton of spells called that. Is this a player specific spell or?

11-29-2014, 08:59 AM
He probably means smoke bomb - Player's spell.
I think you need be more detailed, how tommy said, you need describe what not working with that spell.
Apply something like form :
Spell id :
How it works now :
How it must work :
And you will get help much faster than just posting that spell not working, we need to know what exactly not working :p

11-29-2014, 11:35 AM
The Whole spell Doesnt Work
it is Rogue Spell with This WowHead id http://www.wowhead.com/spell=76577

when cast this spell it shoud be add Smoke around The Rogue cast area and prevent to cast outside of it to him

- - - Updated - - -

Stuff you should know:

-Everyone inside gets a debuff while in the smoke bomb.
-This debuff doesn't stay on forever even when they leave the cloud (like flare... cough cough).
-Enemies of the rogue can't cast into or out of the smoke bomb; if they're in, they only cast in; if out, other way around.
-Friendly targets of the rogue are unaffected; they can dps people in the smoke bomb and heal them too.
-AoE attacks (Shadowfury, Flamestrike) can still be placed in the area of the smoke and hit everyone inside.
-AoE heals (Tranquility, Healing Rain) work the same way.
-8 yards from end to end.
-Because you're in the middle of it when you cast it, enemies have to move, at most, 4 yards to get out.
-Not very easy to see at first, but the debuff goes up instantly so look for that.
-Sub rogues can use Glyph of Preparation to have Prep reset the cooldown on this bad boy (recommended!).

11-29-2014, 09:41 PM
you'll need to apply the daura dummy, duration etc in spellauraeffect and the make an iteration (when they are inside they can attack, if they aren't they cant) and thats pretty much it, the rest is just some random flags to add in spellmgr etc