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11-02-2014, 05:28 PM

I am using an older TrinityCore with 3.3.5. I wanted to make it easier to solo play mobs, but not make it a 1 shot kill but still a challenge. Here are changes I made and issues I see that maybe someone can point out the fixes for.

I performed a query to update the damage minumum and maximum to be 3x what the normal damage would be for all weapons in the database, and while this does increase the damage output, the stats for weapons still show the original stats such as if it was a weapon with 12 to 20 damage, it should now show 36 - 60 damage in the mouse over specs for the weapon and it still shows 12 - 20, yet the player stat info does show a dps min-max increase. This is in World -> Item_Template table of the database which might be WDB 12340 as shown as the last piece of info in the row for all items listed. The core I am using is TrinityCore2 from 2010.

I also multiplied the armor by x2 and some armor took this and other pieces of armor remained at the default armor value of the original item. Looking in the database the armor was doubled, and the characters armor rating increased, BUT, the item mouse over shows the original armor rating. There is a mix and match of items that show the correct change and others that do not, so I was on the hunt for a piece of data in the database which may be an override to the item_template values, but came up empty handed looking for the needle in the haystack. And to make this issue stand out more clearly I performed an update query that added +1000 to armor for all items and then went on the hunt for items that do not display correctly, and then compared these items to items that displayed the change correctly and looked at the data side by side to see if there was a common value between those that worked properly and those that didnt work properly in displaying the correct stat information on mouse over and havent found the cause of the issue yet.

This issue does not affect gameplay as for the stat increase does apply to the characters overall stats, but it would be nice if I could correct this so that when I look at an item its really showing the correct stats vs me having to determine if its only showing 1/3 of the real stat value such as it shows 21 armor when armor is really 42 with the x2 multiplier used in the query to change all armor values.

The database I am using is about 4 years old, and i have fixed many issues with it over the years without performing database updates. I am going to see if this issue can be fixed without an update as for updates can bring new problems as well as being outside of the loop for 4 years, I would probably have to start from scratch with a new database vs patching it forward for the thousands of changes that likely happened.

Any help greatly appreciated..... was thinking that maybe if i installed an addon that maybe that would show the stats better than the glitched ( original stat ) values even though the character stats show that the weapon stats are 3x damage from original stat values and gear of its armor values. But not sure what addon to use as a band aid for 3.3.5

11-02-2014, 05:55 PM
You need to delete your Cache folder. :)

11-03-2014, 11:16 AM
OMG Thank You Soooo Much Kaev ( Big Hug to you ) that fixed the issue!!! =)