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10-28-2014, 09:00 PM
Hi Emudevs.

Yesterday I decided to use Timeless Isle Map and some other from Pandaria in my 335 server (november 2013 compilation) to see the areas and test some stuff.
So I start extracting maps and vmaps from this adts (Timeless Isle, ValleyOfPower, Twin Peaks and Battle for Gilneas).

I edited the source of vmaps and maps to read Patch-W.MPQ (in wich I add the World/Maps respective folder) and I created a new patch in esES folder (patch-esES-4.MPQ) -> (VmapsExtractor try patch-xxXX-number.MPQ + 1) and I add areatable and map.dbc. All is correct I think.

The problem arrive when maps extractor starts to extract map 870 (Timeless Isle) and it dont find some AreaIds in AreaTable. (Note that I use in my custom areatable the ids of the MoP Area Table because the adts have this inside his data because I can't open noggit to set new areaids and taliis can't open AreaId of some adts.........you know what I mean). The error that mapextractor give me is (in HawaiiMainLand):

Can't find area flag for areaid 6052

Can't find area flag for areaid 60XX XX means another ids

Of course they are not in the AreaTable.dbc, only a few of this map (The few that I need for Timeless Isle not Pandaria at all).
When extractor finish some times I can see map870XXXX.map and other times no......

Vmaps seens to works fine and assembler too.

Some images of map, areatable and ingame .gps


Note: Starts on 6757
This are blizz ids for the reason that I explained above.
5775/5776/5468 -> Needed to avoid the error Can't find flag for areaID, don't know why.
6060/6061/6136 -> Same reason

Ingame .gps pic. Im in Timeless Isle. See the chat.... Really annoying

Now Im in ValleyOfPower (named BG in map.dbc)

PD: I extracted maps and vmaps before in custom maps in noggit 335 and all works perfectly.
PD: I know its a lot of info but I think its necessary to understand my problem at all.

Thanks for reading.

11-10-2014, 08:19 PM
Bump! Its very important, I don't know the way to make it works...