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10-16-2014, 04:23 PM
Prison of the DEAD is a new game that me and a few others have started developing.
development is slow as im the only one doing the modeling. but ill give an idea of what to expect in the coming months.

Engine: unity3d v4
Modeling: wings3d converted to FBX for seemless integration into unity.
Animations: maximo unity plugin.

Basics of the game:

Choose male or female
Choose good or evil alignment
Help prisoners or guards depending on what your alignment is
Defeat the Zombies
Do quests and puzzles to unnlock doors and or cells
Be the last man standing at the end of the game
Find the hidden artifacts and unlock higher levels of difficulty


Male;alignment good:

You are a death-row inmate bound by an affliction; you were framed for your wife's murder and the corrupt powers
that control the prison are the ones that framed you. You must seek revenge upon them and gain trust of the other inmates
to kill the Zombie hoards that are outside the gates and have broken into the prison.

Female;alignment good:

You were visiting your husband in prison when the riots broke out. your husband has been taken to an offshore island where they are doing experiments on humans, the guards have locked you inside the gates, You must be sneeky and cunning to avoid bad prisoners that want to rape and kill you, you can ally with some prisoners but you must be careful or you could be dead. you must find a way to reach the island to rescue your husband.

Male;alignment evil:

you are ruthless murderer that was imprisoned for mass murder, genocide, rape and kidnapping, your goal is to kill everyone that is not your ally
and to kill anyone that stands in your way from escaping, however there is a secret waiting for you that you must unvail.

ill be updating this post with more info and bios/ mechanics and other stuff.

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Sounds nice. Who's doing the character models?

Lightning Blade
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Sounds cool, I love unity3d. Goodluck

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sounds fun :D