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07-11-2013, 03:42 AM
Hey guys! I spent a few hours recreating this mission that I previously created before and I had fun playing it! Now, for the second time I'm going to share it again!

Here is a video of the mission in action:



[*=1]A clean up every so often so the helicopters won't lag you out (doesn't really, but it is there for reasons)
[*=1]Once you're inside of the armored AA vehicle, it will start to give you magazines so you won't run out of ammo

Full Source (Recommended):

[*=1]Full SOURCE (http://dl.emudevs.com/PossibleLoss.rar)

Script Source (For other uses):

[*=1]Pastebin (http://pastebin.com/DUFs3k45)


* Possible Loss
* by Tommy
* Defend to survive!

_spawnMarker1 = getMarkerPos "spawn1"; // Above
_spawnMarker4 = getMarkerPos "spawn4"; // Below
_wayMarker = getMarkerPos "way1"; // Centered (air field)

_unitName = "Mi17_TK_EP1";
_pilotName = "TK_Soldier_Pilot_EP1";

_heliSpawnCount = 0;
_grp1 = createGroup EAST;
_grp4 = createGroup EAST;

_ammoMag = "2000Rnd_23mm_AZP85";

_cleanArray = [];

while {true} do
// Increment the counter
_heliSpawnCount = _heliSpawnCount + 1;

// Create the first helicopter for the first group
_heli1 = createVehicle[_unitName, _spawnMarker1, [], 0, "FLY"];
// Etc..
_heli4 = createVehicle[_unitName, _spawnMarker4, [], 0, "FLY"];

_cleanArray = _cleanArray + [_heli1, _heli4];

_pilotName createUnit [getPos _heli1, _grp1];
_pilotName createUnit [getPos _heli4, _grp4];

_x moveInDriver _heli1;
_heli1 doMove(_wayMarker);
} foreach units _grp1;

_x moveInDriver _heli4;
_heli4 doMove(_wayMarker);
} foreach units _grp4;

switch (_heliSpawnCount) do
case 30:
hint "Lagging yet? Clean up time!";
deleteVehicle _x;
} foreach _cleanArray;
_heliSpawnCount = 0;

// Check ammo, need lots!
if (vehicle player != player) then
_ammoCount = player ammo _ammoMag;
if (_ammoCount < 500) then
vehicle player addMagazineTurret[_ammoMag, [0]];

// Need to pause spawning so they can get moving without crashing
sleep 15;

Enjoy! I'm making more awesome stuff!

07-11-2013, 04:33 AM
I'm a bird mother fucker! =[

thx for the share, it annoyed me enough ^.^

07-12-2013, 12:08 AM
I'm a bird mother fucker! =[

thx for the share, it annoyed me enough ^.^

Lol, it was fun when I made it a few years ago. It is kinda boring now, but don't worry, I'm making something a lot more entertaining. :D