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07-08-2013, 04:49 PM
I try to compile and I get these errors any work I could thank you very much


13>C:\Users\fear\Downloads\TrinityCore\src\server\scr ipts\Custom\maestro_profesiones.cpp(94): error C2664: 'ChatHandler::ChatHandler(WorldSession *)' : no se puede convertir el parámetro 1 de 'Player *' a 'WorldSession *'
13> Los tipos señalados no están relacionados; la conversión requiere reinterpret_cast, conversión de estilo de C o conversión de estilo de función
13>C:\Users\fear\Downloads\TrinityCore\src\server\scr ipts\Custom\maestro_profesiones.cpp(114): error C2065: 'LANG_COMMAND_LEARN_ALL_RECIPES' : identificador no declarado
13> achievement_scripts.cpp

linea 94- ChatHandler handler(pPlayer);
char* skill_name;

SkillLineEntry const *SkillInfo = sSkillLineStore.LookupEntry(skill);
skill_name = SkillInfo->name[handler.GetSessionDbcLocale()];

if (!SkillInfo)

sLog->outError(LOG_FILTER_GENERAL,"Teleport NPC: received non-valid skill ID (LearnAllRecipesInProfession)");

return false;

LearnSkillRecipesHelper(pPlayer, SkillInfo->id);

uint16 maxLevel = pPlayer->GetPureMaxSkillValue(SkillInfo->id);
pPlayer->SetSkill(SkillInfo->id, pPlayer->GetSkillStep(SkillInfo->id), maxLevel, maxLevel);
linea 114- handler.PSendSysMessage(LANG_COMMAND_LEARN_ALL_REC IPES, skill_name);

return true;

07-08-2013, 09:19 PM
ChatHandler class isn't used like that. You use it as followed:

ChatHandler(player).PSendSysMessage(.., ..);