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09-14-2014, 01:51 AM
I'm trying to cast a spell on myself (aka the player) upon clicking an object or selecting a menu option. What restrictions are on the casting action? I've tried a bunch of different options and nothing seems to work.

For example:

-- Walt SAI
SET @ENTRY := 24807;
UPDATE `creature_template` SET `AIName`="SmartAI" WHERE `entry`=@ENTRY;
DELETE FROM `smart_scripts` WHERE `entryorguid`=@ENTRY AND `source_type`=0;
INSERT INTO `smart_scripts` (`entryorguid`,`source_type`,`id`,`link`,`event_ty pe`,`event_phase_mask`,`event_chance`,`event_flags `,`event_param1`,`event_param2`,`event_param3`,`ev ent_param4`,`action_type`,`action_param1`,`action_ param2`,`action_param3`,`action_param4`,`action_pa ram5`,`action_param6`,`target_type`,`target_param1 `,`target_param2`,`target_param3`,`target_x`,`targ et_y`,`target_z`,`target_o`,`comment`) VALUES
(@ENTRY,0,0,0,62,0,100,0,9024,1,0,0,11,49992,2,0,0 ,0,0,7,2000,0,0,0,0,0,0,"Walt - On Gossip Option 1 Selected - Cast 'Iron Rune Construct'");

Any Idea's? Thanks.

09-15-2014, 10:19 PM
Is there a list somewhere that shows what works with what? For instance, Event A works with Action D, but not C...