View Full Version : [Release?] Outdated Retail Combat Routine

06-13-2014, 06:49 AM
Hi guys, I've had a pretty complex (in my opinion) addon for world of warcraft that a friend of mine named BGreen, wrote a while back, I gave him ideas, and in return he kept me updated with the newest versions of the addon(pretty nice eh). It was used strictly for PvP and at one point he got above 2400 rating from one of the profiles. There are a few classes scripted in the addon. But since it has been outdated since Mop patch 5.2.0, I have no use for it and all it is doing is laying around, maybe someone could get something out of it, It was used in conjuction with a program called Firehack to get Custom API which was pretty unique if you ask me.

Well here yah go,

I take no credits for this, just sharing for information purposes.

06-13-2014, 08:02 AM
Thanks for sharing!