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05-29-2014, 09:19 AM
- Quest is working: 100%
- Spells working: 100%
- BattleGround: 100% all
- World Boss Work Scripted
- Most of the dungeons are working,and scripted
- WORKING AH,Guild !
- World Chat ON
- Vip System ON with vip zone + vip command
- 2x mall
- Panda zone working 100% + quest work 100%

Vers 5.1.0 - 5.1.x
time spent on this project: 27 day

Paladins are working 99%
Priests are working 99%
Rogues are working 99%
Shamans are working 99%
Warlocks are working 99%
Warriors are working 99%
Monk are working 99%
Death Knights are working 99%
Druids are working 99%
Hunters are working 99%
Mages are working 99%

Panda is 99% playable
Worgen is 99%playable
Draenei is 99% playable
Gnome is 99% playable
Night elf is 99% playable
Dwarf is 99% playable
Human is 99% playable
Orc is 99% playable
Undead is 99% playable
Tauren is 99% playable
Troll is 99% playable
Blood elf is 99% playable
Goblin is 99% playable

[Link Removed - Read THE RULES (http://emudevs.com/misc.php?do=vsarules)]

[Link Removed - Read THE RULES (http://emudevs.com/misc.php?do=vsarules)]

05-29-2014, 10:18 AM
Content on EmuDevs is free, nobody should be entitled to "donate" just to download a repack, nor should it be mandatory for someone to do so. Only content people should "donate" for on EmuDevs is for EmuDevs donator content, not publicly released content that should be free. Stop being greedy. You should read the rules (http://emudevs.com/misc.php?do=vsarules) about advertising too. This will be your only warning considering you accepted the rules and you failed to obey them twice already.

Besides, none of the guesstimated percentages are accurate. Looks like another copy/pasted false percentage detail about a repack. Not even retail is 99% or even 100% bug free. Not to mention a MOP source; that stuff is buggy regardless. It doesn't take 27 days to make stuff like that work perfectly.