View Full Version : [SOLVED] New Table name "Premium_Accounts"

04-09-2014, 07:44 PM
Hello all
Want ask something...
How i can create a new Table + rank with commands like .tele mall and more?
Thank you all and sry for my bad english

04-10-2014, 01:52 PM
some one can help?

04-10-2014, 04:06 PM
There are countless threads containing various VIP systems scathered across the web.
You could take your time to actually do research before you ask such a question.

That said:
If you use RBAC, you can setup different security levels and add permissions to these levels.
Then give the player's account a specific security level.

Useful links:
RBAC permissions (http://emudevs.com/showthread.php/1691-Trinity-Latest-Revision-RBAC-Permissions-SQLs)
C++ (http://emudevs.com/showthread.php/245-Custom-Vip-Ranking)
Check Rochet2's answer in this post (http://emudevs.com/showthread.php/1029-RBAC-New-Ranks)