View Full Version : Grails and Wow EMU

03-29-2014, 05:03 AM
Hey guys, it has been awhile since I have been on busy with real life stuff. Last time I was on here I was looking into learning how to develop my own WOW site that would interact with my DB rather than downloading something like FusionCMS. When I asked I didn't really have any programming experience at all but I am now a full time Java Developer and just got introduced to Grails framework for web apps, I was going to start with some basic to-do apps via tutorials extra but was wondering if making a site for my Wow Emu would be a good project or overly hard, just looking for opinions here.

03-29-2014, 06:44 AM
It's not hard but it is time consuming. Depends on what you're wanting to add. Is it going to be a basic site? Are you going to add player features? Donation/Vote shop? Would help us to further our opinions towards your question if we knew more on what you have planned for the site.

03-30-2014, 03:15 AM
I really don't have anything planned as of right now. I don't really know grails that well at all yet, so I would like to start off basic and then build upon that. Eventually I would like to have player features and vote/donation shop.