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03-21-2014, 12:03 PM
Updated Last TC v
Epic teleporter with more than 138 teleport menu.
Fully working 100%
Everything is done. tested most of teleporters and they're working fine.
Please if you find Any problem or any wrong teleporter place PM here and i'll fix and reupload it.
Why did i think to create the teleporter ' Bad English ' :
Well i open SITE'Hided' and i was looking for something special "SQL scripts" i find a post by fullhouse..
So i just read it and than download the SQL's to test and they are working fine well it was good SQL i really like the teleporter
When i see in his Credits teleporter was made by Rochet2 so i start thinking to make my own teleporter ..
I Start working by copying only the option_text for the teleporter ( i won't take a long time looking for them ).
and here we are it's finished.

Note : In all my Threads and posts I'm sure that i have a very bad English so sorry if i have a lot of grammar mistakes.

Credits :

Rochet2 i used his gossip_menu_option "gossip_text".
Jeutie i used his repack to work/test my teleporter.
Tok124 for Spell.dbc file.

All my creature displayID 'teleporter' alwayes with 2727.

DOWNLOAD NOW (https://www.mediafire.com/?j60lu8tzlktfiri)

Email : JadaDev@hotmail.com
Hope you like it.
Files Info and steps :

Info :

Teleporter ID : 190000
Teleporter gossip_menu_option : 51900

Steps :

Open Info.txt and follow it

Enjoy !!

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Thanks for sharing!

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thanks for sharing :)

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tnx nice share :dance:

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Thank you all !

Updated !

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This is a very nice share! :)

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This is a very nice share! :)

Thank you !