View Full Version : [DBC][EDITING]Make a locked door that requires a key!

02-26-2014, 09:22 PM
Ok so first you are going to need a few things.

3)Landik's MPQEditor

things to do:

make your door(gameobject)

1)go into gameobjects_template using your database editor
locate the object called "the shattered halls" (this is the door infront of shattered halls that requires a key(shattered halls key))

2)make an exact copy of this gameobject in the database and set its entryid as 100000(or an unused id)

make the lock in lock.dbc

3)open lock.dbc with taliis
4)find the column #0 that has a value of 1804 (this is shattered halls door lock)

5)rightclick it and clone the row

6)scroll to the bottom and you see ur new entry, change the column #0 to 1865(or an unused id)

7)change column #9 to the entryid of the item entry (key) you will make below(100978)

8)save lock.dbc in a folder named DBFilesClient

link your gameobject to the lock in lock.dbc

9)now in your gameobject you made in the database set flag to 2

10)set the data1 to 1865(this is the entry you made in the column #0)

11)set data2 to 5000 (this is how long the door stays open)

12)save your gameobject entry.

make your key

13)search your item_template for the shatter halls key and clone the item.

14)change the entryid to the id 100978( or the id you used in column #9)

15)change the name to your keys name

16)save your item.

adding the lock to the server

17)now you have your item linked to the door and it should be locked.

18)copy your lock.dbc into your server(dbc folder) and overwrite the file in it.

making your patch.

Open Landik's MPQEditor (make sure you have extracted the file)...

Click MPQs and click New...

Call it Patch-4.MPQ Create empty MPQ archive.... size 8... Finish...

Right-Click Patch-4.mpq to the left, then click "New Folder"

Name it "DBFilesClient" without the quotes.

right-click "DBFilesClient" and click "Add Files..."

add your lock.dbc to that folder...

save and close the mpq editor

NOTE: all players must have your patch to use the key on the door.

if there is any problems with this tutorial make a post in this topic and ill try to help you out.