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02-14-2014, 08:43 AM
Credits/story :P
Ok, so long ago when i used mangos emulator there was an awesome mall
this mall spawned in gm island it was called Massive Mangos Mall it was epic as hell.
A guy named KAKA2081's released a trinity version of this mall named Triforce Mall,
after a few years he stopped updating it. well then Frostbytes decided to continue this epic piece of work.
well i looked and looked and found the last update Frostbytes released was version 3.6
well it was outdated as well. so i decided its time to bring this mall back!

Updated by: ssfrostic of http://emudevs.com (EMUDevs) to latest trinitycore as of January 17th 2014
(the day i downloaded my source. this post was made later :P)


If anyone has issues please contact me here in this thread
and ill try to update it for as long as im into emulation.
so if months go by then i might not be back lol.


extract the folder to your desktop
open it up
click install.bat
fill in your info CORRECTLY
then the menu should be self explanitory :D


For the people that don't want to spawn it in gm island
here is a list of the npc names/ids so u can spawn them where ever you want :)
NPC ID List:

500000 Alchemy Recipes
500001 Amulets Armor
500002 Arena Season 1 Item Sets
500003 Arena Season 2 Item Sets
500004 Arena Season 3 Item Sets
500005 Arena Season 4 Item Sets
500006 Arena Season 5 (Deadly Gladiator)
500007 Arena Season 5 (Hateful Gladiator)
500008 Arena Season 5 (Savage Gladiator)
500009 Arena Season 6 Item Sets
500010 Arena Season 7 Item Sets
500011 Armor Tokens Miscellaneous
500012 Bandages Consumables
500013 Blacksmithing Recipes
500014 Blue Gems
500015 Books Recipes
500016 Bows
500017 Cloaks
500018 Cloth Trade Goods
500019 Commendations
500020 Containers
500021 Cooking Recipes
500022 Crafting Trade Goods
500023 Crossbows
500024 Currency Miscellaneous
500025 Daggers
500026 Death Knight Glyphs
500027 Druid Glyphs
500028 Elemental Trade Goods
500029 Elixirs
500030 Enchanting Recipes
500031 Enchanting Trade Goods
500032 Engineering Recipes
500033 Epic Mounts
500034 First Aid Recipes
500035 Fishing Recipes
500036 Fishing Poles Weapons
500037 Fist Weapons Weapons
500038 Flasks
500039 Flying Mounts Miscellaneous
500040 Gems Trade Gods
500041 Green Gems
500042 Guns
500043 Herbs
500044 Hierlooms Weapons
500045 Hierlooms Armor
500046 Hunter Glyphs
500047 Inscription Recipes
500048 Inscription Trade Goods
500049 Item Enhancements (Permanent)
500050 Item Enhancements (Temporary)
500051 Jewelcrafting Recipes
500052 Jewelcrafting Trade Goods
500053 Keys Miscellaneous
500054 Leather Trade Goods
500055 Leatherworking Recipes
500056 Legendary Weapons
500057 Mage Glyphs
500058 Cooking Trade Goods
500059 Meta Gems
500060 Metal & Stone Trade Goods
500061 Mining Recipes
500062 Mounts
500063 Off-Hand
500064 One-Handed Axes
500065 One-Handed Maces
500066 One-Handed Swords
500067 Orange Gems
500068 Paladin Glyphs
500069 Pets
500070 Polearms
500071 Prismatic Gems
500072 Projectiles
500073 Purple Gems
500074 Quivers
500075 Raid Tier 1
500076 Raid Tier 2
500077 Raid Tier 3
500078 Raid Tier 4
500079 Raid Tier 5
500080 Raid Tier 6
500081 Raid Tier 7
500082 Raid Tier 7
500083 Raid Tier 8
500084 Raid Tier 8
500085 Raid Tier 9 (Alliance)
500086 Raid Tier 9.5 (Alliance)
500087 Raid Tier 9.5 (Alliance-Heroic)
500088 Raid Tier 10 Item Sets
500089 Raid Tier 10.5 Item Sets
500090 Raid Tier 10.5 (Heroic)
500091 Reagents
500092 Red Gems
500093 Relics
500094 Rings
500095 Rogue Glyphs
500096 Scrolls
500097 Shaman Glyphs
500098 Shields
500099 Shirts
500100 Staves
500101 Tabards
500102 Tailoring Recipes
500103 Blizzard Collectables Miscellaneous
500104 Thrown Weapons
500105 Trinkets Armor
500106 Two-Handed Axes
500107 Two-Handed Maces
500108 Two-Handed Swords
500109 Wands
500110 Warlock
500111 Warrior
500112 Yellow Gems
500113 Priest Glyphs
500114 Arena Season 8 Item Sets
500115 PvP Accessories Armor
500116 Arena Season 1 Weapons
500117 Arena Season 2 Weapons
500118 Arena Season 3 Weapons
500119 Arena Season 4 Weapons
500120 Arena Season 5 Weapons
500121 Arena Season 6 Weapons
500122 Arena Season 7 Weapons
500123 Arena Season 8 Weapons
500124 Rings II Armor
500125 Blacksmithing II Recipes
500126 Enchanting II Recipes
500127 Tailoring II
500128 Leatherworking II Recipes
500129 Leatherworking III Recipes
500130 Jewelcrafting II Recipes
500131 Jewelcrafting III
500132 Raid Tier 9 (Horde) Item Sets
500133 Raid Tier 9.5 (Horde) Item Sets
500134 Raid Tier 9.5 (Horde-Heroic) Item Sets
500135 Potions Consumables
500136 Weapon Enchant Scrolls
500137 Armor Enchant Scrolls
500138 Armor Enchant Scrolls II
500139 Boots Armor
500140 Boots II
500141 Belts
500142 Belts II
500143 Bracers
500144 Bracers II

works with Trinitycore rev 76ca6baf89cc+


02-14-2014, 11:48 AM
:jaw: wooohooooooooo in-game mall :jaw:
tnx awesome frakin release

02-15-2014, 08:44 AM
lmao its no big deal all i did was update the sql files by adding the new rows in trinity and
deleted the ones that was removed. simple thing really took me about 25 mins using copy / paste lol

05-09-2014, 08:37 PM
Please Fix Faction Error

05-21-2014, 12:13 AM
Just started EMU a couple weeks ago, so I'm just learning the ropes. I did a quick update for this and it was current as of my 5/17/2014 pull from TC. I threw it up here:

Simple changes to npcs_trinity.sql. Modified 'faction_A' and 'faction_H' columns to 'faction', then merged the values '35'. The only other thing needed was rename 'WDBVerified' to 'VerifiedBuild'. Everything seems to be working okay. Just wanted to give a little back because I have gotten so much from these forums! Hope this is okay to post here.

This is just the .sql scripts. I don't use the other fancy stuff ;o)

06-19-2014, 04:30 PM
Cheers for this, since I'm far too lazy to make my own right now for testing purposes I've decided to update these to the latest revision.

Just updated creature_template, everything else should be working since there's been no other structure changes.

Edit: There appears to be quite a few errors in the trainers, class spells available to wrong classes, other spells placed in the wrong trainers as well. Just a heads up if you plan to use them for anything public.

07-30-2014, 04:41 PM
Please Fix Faction Error

fixed and updated the zip on here :) thanks for letting me know

- - - Updated - - -

i dont use the class trainers... srry thats too big of an edit im not going to edit. dont use the class trainers from this.

i didnt make this. i just updated the sql to work with trinitys new DB edits if u have issues with trainers please dont use them.

08-24-2014, 05:05 AM
hello can you please update your vendors? dont work with the new tdb

09-14-2014, 12:32 PM
I did a quick fix so that the npcs get created in a more recent trinity DB, i dont know if the latest, try this: http://pastebin.com/q5ZXf6G4

09-23-2014, 02:18 AM
I did a quick fix so that the npcs get created in a more recent trinity DB, i dont know if the latest, try this: http://pastebin.com/q5ZXf6G4

Thanks for the update!

09-23-2014, 02:18 AM
Ooo, hey, this is pretty impressive! :) Good work!

10-15-2014, 08:51 AM
wow guys you are awesome!!! i leave and come back after my move and you guys are updating things and keeping this alive!!! you fking rock!!!

01-17-2016, 05:24 PM
here i updated this to work with the latest trinitycore database

replace the sql files in the data folder of the triforce zip you can get on this post.

01-19-2016, 11:16 AM
only use it for a GM mall as the trainers teach bugged versions of spells ETC.
I personally use this to see the higher tiers of gear then scale them to 255
IF you are doing a 255 SERVER :P