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02-13-2014, 01:09 AM
About the thread:

In this thread I'm going to go through some pointers in creating a thread and making it look neat. This more of refers to releases as you tend to have a lot of information to provide and you want it neat and presentable. This is the order of the sections I'll be talking about:

Title of the Topic
The Body
Colors - Good and Bad
Side Note


Titles are important. They are what get's a persons attention. Keep as short and simple as you can. Don't put a bunch of exclamation points (!!!!!!!) in the title or half a ton of smile faces ( :biggrin: :biggrin: ). As you can see with my title, Creating a neat thread, it's only four words and it gets the point across of how to create a neat thread.


The body (The actual post where you type) should consist of several things. Some of which are optional. I find these to be in a good other, but it's not like I can force it upon you.

What the program does
How it works
Download Links
About me (Optional)
Links to other works (Optional)


Colors, colors, colors. Big deal really. The good ol' white is always good, but it tends to get bland. So I'm going to list out some of the good and bad colors available here. Try to prevent huge walls of text consisting of the same color. Especially bright colors such as yellow. Try to avoid dark colors because they are very hard to see on a dark background. Last thing, don't color you're punctions. ! : " \

Good Colors:


Bad Colors:

Color (This isn't too bad of a color. Looks good actually. Just an example of a dark color)


As you can see, I've been using tags. Even for the colors. The title for each section should be underlined and bolded and the wall of text you create for each section should be quoted. Also colored if you choose so. You can use the buttons up at the top, instead of writing out each tag. An example of a tag start is [ B ] (no spaces) and the tag end is [ /B ] (No spaces). That is for bold. If you have instructions or a list, PLEASE, use the list tag. Underline and/or bold important things.


It really does matter. Keep your section titles at 5 and section text at 3. It just looks good and it's not too big or too small.


No one is perfect, but you can still spell your words right. Don't CAPITALIZE or bold an entire sentence. Also, if it's not a sentence, you don't need a period or exclamation point.


Times New Roman. End of story.

Side note:

If anyone has anything to add, I'll toss it in there.

Faded creates some nice threads. Here is an example: http://emudevs.com/showthread.php/2132-Contest-Create-our-level-titles!-(Everyone-s-a-winner)

I will also create the post for you. You can send me what you want said, I'll edit it, then send it back to you to post. All you have to do is upload it to pastebin, send me a pm with the link, and give me any specific details about what you want done with it(specific colors, sizes, etc). If you don't give me any specific details I'll obviously take it upon myself to create the best post I can. This service is free.

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Bump, check out the site note that is colored teal(blue).