View Full Version : [SOLVED] World Log Errors

02-01-2014, 09:45 PM
I keep getting some error in the world log and i was wondering if anyone can tell me how to fix them



02-01-2014, 09:53 PM
re generate your mmaps and possibly maps (and dbc?)
Use the tools you compile with your core. (check tools in cmake)

The error message seems pretty clearly to state that your core expects the maps to be version 4 and your maps are version 3,
which means they changed the extractor and probably the core so they work better, but you are trying to use old maps with the new system.

lol @ section.

02-01-2014, 10:03 PM
- Moved. This has nothing to do with CraftedWeb..

02-01-2014, 10:19 PM
Well yes it's kinda obvious what causses the error in the first picture, i just wasn't sure but what i really what to know is how to fix the error in the second picture.

02-01-2014, 10:23 PM
The errors in the second picture could very well be caused by the errors in the first picture, update your maps first.

02-01-2014, 10:25 PM
I will try that. thank you

02-02-2014, 07:38 AM
Incase those errors still exist, I think the creature might have set a waypoint movement even though it doesnt have waypoints,
which would mean that you should set it to not have waypoint movement in creature and creature_template tables.
(See movement_type or something like that)
The mob is custom I think, so you might have made a copy paste error or similar.