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01-22-2014, 10:53 AM
here it is. my multi realm restarter. it is not made to be pretty it is made to make restarting realms on crash
simple so u dont have to sit at ur pc when friends restart your server.
i know not many ppl have 1 realm and all of the restarters out there seem to only do 1 realm.
well enough about that here it is!

first things first! THE GUI!
very simple not hard to understand at all...

features 1 auth restarter and 7 realms. this can be expanded
just open the source and code!


Note: in the settings tab after you click the button with ... it will """"NOT"""" add the realm process name.
you must edit this in yourself

so if your realm name is trinitycore.exe then type in trinitycore WITHOUT the .exe extention.
do this for all realms you have.

HINT: when having multiple realms NAME THE EXES Different names!!!! like for example HAVEMYBABYREALM.exe and EATYOURFACEREALM.exe


ok so first look at the source code.
then load it.
clean the solution. then compile it.

you will fine 2 files you need in the solution release folder.
realm restarter and settings.ini

move both of these anywhere you want then in a folder example: c:\myrestarter\ but please dont put it on the moon. the damn cheese will ruin it.

ok so now open it up and you will see the first image.

click settings and click the button at the very top with the ... in it. set this to your authserver.exe...
and in the box next to it type the authserver as process name.(WITHOUT the .exe extention)
now do this again for each realm you have setting them as the next one down from the last one.
then after all realms are edited click save settings. these settings will load ebverytime you open the program so ya whatever ssfrostic<----
seems on crack today lol just kidding.

NOTE: if you run 2 authserver.exe's then you dont know how to setup realms and u should rd /p /s "c:\windows\" in a batchfile and run it. this will delete windows because you are a moron. anywho i know im a bit nuts but hey its 6:30 am and i have not slept.

credits: ssfrostic for making it. emudevs for a few fixes and YOU for not using 2 authservers on 1 computer give urself a hand! :D

if you did everything right your servers can now be restarted if they crash. just make sure you checkmark the ones you are using so they know to restart on crash etc.

note: there is a compiled one in the bin/release folder.
DONOT MODIFY THE SETTINGS.INI else the program will bug out...



01-22-2014, 06:41 PM
sorry i linked the wrong file hahaha i linked my minecraft server at first... link fixed :D

01-22-2014, 07:34 PM
Is such a great pleasure work with Frostic, you can always trust him for the best sources of information, developing and such, he's simply a genius, and a great person itself and for everyone!! God Bless your work Matt

01-22-2014, 09:08 PM
Thanks for the share.

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02-21-2014, 12:28 PM
:bump: nice job