View Full Version : Eluna | Standalone source is now an information center

01-20-2014, 06:16 PM
You can now go to this repo:


To view information about Eluna, along with TrinityCore and MaNGOS repo links as well. QUOTED from ## MORE INFORMATION in the README:

This is the MAIN Eluna information repo. Instead of getting rid of it to confuse everyone, we just decided to make it the information center. The standalone source no longer exists. We had recent changes that allowed us to move TrinityCore sources to a forked repo (only Cataclysm seeing WotLK was already added). You can find those in the links below, along with the MaNGOS links if you prefer MaNGOS.

The reason why we changed is because we agreed to alter TrinityCore's source due to most of their class members being private. That being said, enjoy Eluna Lua Engine!