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01-16-2014, 03:21 PM
Hello emudev community.

Where to start... I guess i could just say what everyone else has said but that wouldnt be unique at all.

Well first thing i noticed when i stumbled upon the community is the organization, and layout which to me is a big thing as far as this kinda stuff goes. The second thing and possibly the most important is the fact that "people" who actually know what they are doing and talking about aren't afraid to help (tommy that was for you) someone even if they are a pain and it's the stupidest little problem.

To further the second point, this is so important in a community like this because some people involved in this stuff (such as myself) know some basics and use these communities as a tool to learn, and if no one is willing to give them the help or at least not bash them for being "noob" (like alot of other places) we don't get that opportunity to learn or even help others in even a small way.

anyway thats all i can think of atm, but im sure i will expand this post as i think of better more "unique" points to make, for now keep up the good work, that goes for the staff and the community



01-16-2014, 03:58 PM
No bashing and noob calling around here! We help with the most obvious support, whether the support questions be, "How can I compile?", "How can I upload an image?", "How to Eluna?", "How can I install a database?"... We're here to help. I don't think most people are afraid to help, but if people are afraid to help it is more than likely caused by them fearing to get bashed and thinking other people might say, "You suck at support", "Leave this thread, you aren't helping...". Most of "those" forums I won't speak of has left that mark on members. IF someone gets something wrong while replying to a support thread here, I'll just correct them.

Thanks for your review.