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12-17-2013, 10:07 PM
This is a thread sticky of all of our members who have reviewed!
Thanks to all for your comments towards EmuDevs (http://emudevs.com)!

Hello, emudevs members, admins. i can say about emudevs a lot of good things, but most important is knowledge i get here. since i created an account here i didn't knew any things, how to edit dbc, how to script LUA , now i can say i know how to edit spells , sockets, i learned how to make an LUA scripts. lol i learned here almost all i know at the moment, i don't know so much , but i learned basics, which can help me in the future, i can say Thanks to all Emudevs forum members, and special THANK YOU TOMMY, for excellent ways to do things i didn't knew before and motivation to keep it up.

Guys sorry for my bad English i have only 7 in school from English Lessons, i'm from Lithuanian, and I'm sooooooo happy that i found this support, awesome really guys, awesome, that dedication, that will. i really love that.

THANK YOU EMUDEVS. i love all you !

So i got a message about feedback on this site.
If i were to rate this site Id give it an a+.

1. Everything to feed the emu scene resides here.

2. The sapport is marvales. Ive found if you have a issue and you clearly state your problem in sapport it gets answered withen a few minuts most of the time. Not only by Tommy and Faded but other very tallented and knoledgable people. And 99% of the time the issues are solved in a matter of a few reply's.

3. The community as a whole are very friendley and alot of fun .

4. The level system in my personal opinion is awsome. As you progress up in lvls. I becomes more and more diffacult to progress upwerd. Witch in turn makes it a real challange to progress. i find this brings out the best in people. Some might not agree with this but i like challanging things and this site is all that.. And it's fun. to test the limits of ones knoledge.

5. Content on this site refering to the wow emu secter gets no better. It covers every aspect of wow emulation..

6. Entertainment.. I find this part alot of fun people can post music vids and other vids and during downtime vea just being lazy it gives people interesting stuff to view..

7. The rules people always cringe at this but i find the rules alright many of us have been in the emu scene for a few years we have expiranced the very worst people have to offer in terms of being mean rude and everything inbetween. THESE rules are here for a reason..
There here to protect the members from abuse wich we all have experanced at one time or another.
Without these rule we would have another zoo of people spweing hete and animosity and negitave stuff..

8. Bugs these are a nusance but with knowing alot about websites this is to be expected but will resolve itself over time. Website grow and get better and better over time while evolving and becoming the titan this one is destend to be. So i grin and bear it . With the knoledge of knowing it will get better.

9.The sites look . Ive been in web stuff for a long time now i find the sites looks easy on the eyes. Nice to look at and easy to read. These are my requirements . And this site does very well..

10. Last but not least the staff.. LOL The staff are frendly witty and fun to play with. Thay are some of the most knloedgable people ive had the pleasure
of working with. Just relly alot of fun.So cudos from me..I always enjoy my time here. TY.

11. To everyone else i relly hope you enjoy your time here.Please post feedback so the site admins can get a idea of where you the members think
this site can be improved im sure all your ideas would be read and considered.

Kind regards _Ikester_

I've been looking for a forum like this for 1 year or more, so there we go.

What I think about emudevs?

It's a very friendly Forum, I don't know much about the people's here, because I'm new, but from what I can see they're really cool.
this forum is very helpfull, when the things are, about wow, The tutoria's, they are really good, they explain all thing's that i need to do, And the better, they have 200 milion of video's at youtube, it's really awesome! All that i need is on this forum, I want to learn everything here, currently trying to learn C++, it's a bit hard for me because i didn't had any experience with it. but i did some script's, they give 10 errors lol, but who care's, some time i will do it right. And the good thing here, is that when you make some thread asking for help, the answer is almost immediately, And if it's wrong, he give you the right answer. This is so good because i can see what i did wrong with calm . I really loved this forum! I hope it stay on until i get 100 years!. I like waffles!

Thank God, for show me this Forum!

Hi, if I had to compare emudevs with others wow forums, it would be the best right now let me explain why :
- The staff aren't some dumbass who remove css for unknown reason(hi) and actually know their shit(hi again).
- Members of emudevs are nice, we have built a good community just like it was in 2007 - 2008(helpful and good people)
- We have more useful content than any others forums(most of others forums are repost of old script *cough*acshit*cough* or updated scipt when infact they just edited one line)
- There isn't many members but right now I find it enough, having a huge community with retards is a no-no for me and there is already a existing one(hey how do you feel?)

Speaking about the content of emudevs, there is many ressource to get started in the wow emu scene(tommy's video, members&staff tutorial...) which kinda make emudevs unique in some way, I couldn't describe how but it feels like
you are learnning something again in years and compare your work with others people, discover new way of doing something etc... to be honest the forum is almost perfect, yet it needs something more but I don't know what.

So far I really like the team and the community. Everyone seems helpful and less "tense" than other communities.

Keep up the good work

I haven't been on emudevs for a long time but I have been around in other communities.

This website seems very promising and has been helpful so far.
The staff seem to take feedback well, not just in a negative manner.
The staff are also mainly names a lot of know or have heard of, which makes us trust their judgement more.
The users are all active in the community constantly posting more and more daily.
Easy way to find out how to get more levels and xp for the website itself, instead of having to search endlessly on the forums for the answer.

Also love the website being for more than just one emulator, which gives it the opportunity to expand and grow a larger community then some of the competing websites.

I look forward to seeing this website and its community expand and continue to strive.

I want to say that this forum have helped me really much as i was learning Eluna i came here with NO knownlegde whatso ever about lua scripting and at this moment i can say that i know pretty much what i need to know.

I found this site while searching for something better then *******. I wanted a place with a good staff and not just trolling everywhere. if you wonder about something that might sound wierd the people here dosnt come and say like this "WTF DO YOU NEED THIS SHIT FOR NOBODY LIKES THIS SHIT. STOP DOING EMULATORS And go back to wherever you come from"

But yeah i never seen anything that points this forum out to be bad. It may lack a bit of users but emudevs are still quite new and its grown rapidly its not been even a year.

I want to say Thank you! All of you for making such a great community


Emudevs........... The best emulation forums that I've ever visited, This forum has the best potental.

I've learned many tihngs from here.


I suck at typing shit like this so i guess im done lol

Greetings EmuDevs Community!

So far EmuDevs have been a really really good way for me to gain the help i need when it comes to emulators.

I feel that i'm making a lot of progress when it comes to emulators.

Thank you EmuDevs that you exist.


Since almost all emulation forums are dying , i'm proud to see this forum growing so fast , and i can put it in top20 emulation forums here is a list of what i think you must change/fix/add/keep

Add 2 new forums [Sugestions] and
Add few new ranks
Remove unused forums

[B]And a list of what i like

Fast answers to requests
Weekly events
Very active Staff

I've been very inactive on this forum not sure why but anyways, what can I say about the site it's a nice small community with great members on it.
There's really nothing else that needs to be done except getting more members obviously.

The design is neat it has become way better then what it was when the site started.
The site got great guides for those who seek knowledge about a certain topic. It might not have everything but that are thanks to the low member count and to the knowledge that every user has.
The staff is actually active which is a great thing if that stays the same depending on the sites growth and intressts of the owners are up to debate but so far theres nothing to complain about.

Can't really think about anything more to write about, all in all I like this forum even tho i've been inactive it's nice to see its still going and that you are posting great content on it.


Well from the start, the site design beats them all, it's easy to use and looks great. The community is amazing and only takes minutes to an hour
for someone to help on a support thread.

The website has a lot of guides for people who don't understand what they're doing and there are always members there to help us along the way. The staff are active
every day and leaves feedback on releases and tries to answer support threads the best they can. It amazes me.

What the website has done for me, it's increased my knowledge of emulation, it's also solved my impossible problems no matter how hard. It's showed
me to never give up on a project. This website is my #1

Love you :D

I have to say first off, I do not have a lot of experience as far as this emulation site goes. However, what little I have had here, has been very positive. I have found as long as you are clear about what you need, or want, and are willing to do some leg-work, and not have things literally spoon-fed to you, people are very helpful. Everyone seems very encouraging and grateful when you share your work with them as well.

Helpful and knowledgeable staff
Members who contribute

Not being able to link to other forums or websites
(I understand why, but I still don't have to like it). :D

All in all, I have to say, I really enjoy your forum. It's well managed, maintained and put together. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

Review: Over all I've found EmuDevs to not only provide a great experience but to also provide an even better source of knowledge. There is no other forum that I know of where you can get this level of dedication when it comes to questions and problems. I've found myself achieving things in Emulation that i thought were not possible and only known to the select few. Through EmuDevs I've furthered my understanding of c++, and made some close friend in the Emu scene to bounce ideas off of. Would i recommend this to a friend? Hell yeah i would.


The Atmosphere


It takes me away from my homework?

So while I've been on this forum I've broadened to emulation skills quite a lot. Everyone on the staff is very well rounded as well as knowledgeable of emulation as well as the community which I'm appreciative about because it helps us learning solve our problems quickly. I really don't have much to say because I'm really bad a these type of things but I'll list a few pros / cons I feel are around this community.


Helpful staff

Well rounded community

Get info on things pretty swiftly if a thread is made

Very positive feedback on releases and or ideas talked about

Over-all a good forum



I like this forum very much and look forward to possibly becoming someone of interest here in the future. :3

Hello Everyone,

At first I want to say thanks to all of your EmuDevs admins and moderators for your great job , I think this community and LUA emulation is really kind of miracle and big transformation for whole of other emulations such as TC , AE and ... Who could imagine to use scripts without compiling them . I believe you did an impossible and I'm proud of being part of your community.
BTW here are my suggestions :

1. I'd like to see different color for forums background instead of using Black . you know it kinda makes new members confused and want to see white or bright one .

2. I really want to see more scripts for LUA ( especially in TC section ) cause most of devs using TC ...

3. Also I want to see more guides for LUA scripting ( from amateur to pro ) , well I know there are some guides , such as video or ... but I don't find it enough . maybe you could assign some Teaching moderators .

Like :

I Like everything else in community and I find everyone ( such as moderator or admins ) so helpful and again thanks for your great community.

Full respect,
Ramiz ZeuS

So a review.. As i said before i really like the idea behing this site. Its easy to see that the admins are working hard to make this forum maybe the best one in emu scene.

First ill start with positives things:

* The site design is very good and the logo is the best.
* There is very nice knowledge base which can be useful as for newbies as for more advanced users.
* There are very good releases and they must be available only here.
* The sql generator is very useful


* The logo must be link to forum home... Many sites use their logo as link to home, and thats why most of users would like if logo is link to forum home.
* There must be some kind of section for computing, technologies. it and so...


* Add computing/technologies section
* Add more games in Arcade :P

Overall i would say that the forum is great and i really enjoy visiting it. Keep going guys!

So I just wanted to write a review quickly as I have a spare moment. I do have to say that I am admittedly a viewer a comer a goer. Sometimes when I mainly have more spare time I often come around see what's going on in the Emu scene and experiment with what excites my imagination at the time. It can be, porting weapons, experimenting with new land masses, creating simple but interesting quest lines etc. I used to only go to another forum but when I have released other things there even if its simple, due to not having alot of spare time, it often gets judged and not praised. This leads me onto my pro's and cons list:


Rewards its members
Praises its members
Everyone seems to be appreciative of everyone else's work and generally take an interest.
No trolls or at least very little that I have seen
Active staff who actually care about the community
Youtube videos a very simple tool you would think but not many people actually seem to do this - AnthonysToolBox first guy who actually has and for me has set a new standard


None so far :)

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