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11-21-2013, 07:48 AM

Starting off, Fuck Reznik. Anyway...

http://anthonys-toolbox.org/images/thumbepic.png (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flJVS4pUIHk)

Teaser Video for whats in the downloads:


Too many images to post, about some 150 images could be taken really.

Song I'm Listening to while typing up this post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1zLFj2TjlU

Having these are a burden in many ways, A lot of people will and will not agree with me but by holding everything to myself, I tend to slow up my learning pace. So to get rid of this disgusting weight on myself, I'm going give out the crap I've managed to convert thus far.

These are Mainly Content patches, I do not have any MySQL files included, These are released as is and It's up to you as the end user to make what you want of them. I have Item/Creature M2's because I personally have those DB Entries.

One tip I'll give though, Aside from exchanging/merging the Map.dbc file with your core's dbc file, don't forget to add in the MapID's to your SQL Table(TC is instance_template). ^^

I would also suggest using a Download Manager to download the files as it may improve download speed and have a safer download alltogether. I personally use Flashget. The download links themselves aren't direct links however upon entering the captcha You'll be given a direct link that'll be active for a few minutes.

~Be sure to come back and give me some feed back on how things go, I won't give any support for these files given they are released as is and of my 10 Testers, 8 of them were able to make full use of them while the other two guys had trouble and couldn't figure out how to get the new map areas working due to lack of knowledge in this area and probably laziness to figuring out why.

I would not advise using Jeuties Repacks as two of my testers originally tested it with this repack and had issues before using another repack or their own core.


I originally had http Download Links that went to my website but..... well...they are dead right now due to overload of data.. my fault but meh whichever. So as an alternative, I'm willing to put out a Torrent for you guys... pray you guys don't end up getting my net shut off XDD. Please Seed guys!! Thanks.

Torrent Link: http://anthonys-toolbox.org/atbox-huge9gbrelease-torrent.rar
~Thanks to Lace Up from that other site.. yeah.. anyway.., for the help of testing the torrent file.

[EDIT on Dec 9th, 2013]--I'm no longer seeding this, I'm sorry if this causes any inconviences for anyone but I don't want to pay for the seedbox anymore and my home internet has a 150 GByte cap on it so seeding is out of the question. Thankyou all who checked it out, by all means continue to seed for anyone that still has it and or re-share it if it's not too much trouble... though uploading it to a filehoster could be a pain for some :)

Please Post your images if you use it so I can add them to this post. ^^

Patch-7 contains Pandaria's Map ADT Information, I had ran out of space in patch-4 and was going to put it into patch-5 but I totally forgot and after 4 of my testers informed me of HawaiiMainLand missing, That file came about., also Thanks to Nupper for letting me know of it missing Caverns of Time, I have put in the newer WMO into this Torrent version as well.

Some things to note:

Pandaria is a mix of 5.2.0 with 5.4.0's Bugged Timeless Isle(no caves).
Orgrimmar is a mix of 4.0.6 and 5.4.0 since not all the buildings worked correctly and I couldn't figure out a good work around so I used this instead.
In Deepholm, I had to break the lights 2 cave WMOs to get them to render without crashing the game.
In Pandaria I had to break the lights in 2 caves as well, underwater caves to get them to not crash the game.
5.3~5.4 Maps may have caves that are Walled Off due to how their Hole data is now stored, I said May because not all 53/54 maps use the HighRes Hole system.
Two Caves in Twilight Highlands/Hammer have been broken as well, same reason.
This crashes on my koKR (Korean) client. Works fine on my esES game client.

The list is too long so here's a small list until I want to fill it all out., it is in no particular order. Converted/Ported ADT/WMOs from:

Siege of Orgrimmar,
Eastern Kingdom,
Throne of The Tides,
Grim Batol,
Bastion of Twilight,
Blackrock Caverns,
Vortex Pinnacle,
Firelands Daily zone,
Darkmoon Fair(cataclysm),
Stormstout Brewery,
The Maelstrom,
Tol'Viron Arena,
Halls of Orgination,
Mogu'shan Palace,
Isle of Thunder,
Thone of Thunder,
The Wandering Isle,

and others.

Special thanks to these wonderful people for direct and indirect inspiration:
From Modcraft: Gamh, stoneharry, phucko1, steff, mjollna, Garthog, Shelldon, Zim4ik, fearless_wind, Will

From EmuDevs: Faded, Tommy, Banzboyz77, Jameyboor, _Ikester_, treetree

Friends: ToxicDev, Vlad, Soldan, Vynlendus, Dracbane, raeef, Chrispee, Eatos

Also thanks to the guys at the WoWDev Wiki ( http://www.pxr.dk/wowdev/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page )

Enjoy guys, If anyone wants to donate for my time and effort, hit me up. :)
~Anthony Vang - Hmoob Boi From Cali.

PS, I don't think I have any NPC BakedTextures though... wasn't using them.

To goto the other areas, make sure you replace and or merge(whichever is best for your usage) my Map.dbc file with your Core's Map.dbc file so that the core can index the newer ID's. I only use TrinityCore so I'm not sure what the next step may be for any other core, but in TC, go into your World DB and in the table `instance_template` add in the new Map ID's so that you can make use of them. A restart is needed naturally.

TrinityCore teleport commands:

Keep in mind that these may take some time to load on your first go at it as they will need to be buffered in.

Wandering Isle(Pandaren Starting Zone):
.go xyz 1458.18 3468.67 181 860

Terrace of Endless Spring(adt file = MoguExteriorRaid):
.go xyz -1021.39 -3273 23.5443 996

Pandaria (By Jade Temple):
.go xyz 970.769 -2410.05 168.598 870

Firelands(Skybox may be wrong):
.go xyz -376.629 206.844 50.8031 720

Firelands Daily Map:
.go xyz 1038 359 40 861

Well of Eternity:
.go xyz 3300.73 -4836.68 181.08 939

Halls of Origination:
.go xyz -954.89 454.123 52.8914 644

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Very awesome release!

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Awesome Awesome!

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Pretty cool, thanks.

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Thanks to all of you guys for checking it out!!, added a few ports to the bottom of the main post.

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GOOD JOB :smile:

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This looks really great, thanks for the share

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This is awsome . Thanks again bro. :) adding trackers to torrent after work.. :)

Ok im home downloading and super seeding this torrent :)

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Woot thanks. :)

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so cool!
Thanks a lot!
BUT when you tele to NAXX ,you maybe meet a error and wow crash!

CMapChunk::UnpackAlphaShadowBits(): Bad genformat.

I don't know how to fix it

12-23-2013, 04:52 PM
Does anyone have this up anywhere? I went out to Anthony's link and noticed the warning about not trusting downloads due to his site possibly having been hacked and afterwards noticed his comment here about no longer seeding it. Was wondering if someone had it up on one of the download sites somewhere instead of torrent. If not, wondering if folks are still seeding it..


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I don't know if this link will stay a very long time.

Edit : Really awesome Anthony ! ^^
Edit2 : Up to date link