View Full Version : Eluna - Major Update

11-11-2013, 03:36 AM
Eluna is no longer merged with TrinityCore and it won't be merged again with any emulator sources. Eluna is now it's own standalone
source where you can do whatever with it without having to download an entire emulator source just to use Eluna Lua Engine.

With this new process, it will be better for us to update Eluna better than before. IT will also allow other people to get more into
Eluna by setting it up with their custom sources. If you have a fresh compile, all you need to do is move and replace the files from Eluna to TrinityCore (/Other).

There are READMEs you can look at for extra help when setting it up. They are located in each emulator/EXPANSION. As I said
before, this is better on us so we don't have to constantly keep pulling from emulators and also better for you guys. All of the
other links are the same, wiki, Scripts, etc. I decided to do this only because I was getting tired of messing with pulling from other
emulators all the time to stay up to date.

ALL of the files are always going to stay updated with the latest, don't worry about that. If you guys come across
any issue, post it in Eluna's support forum. Thanks for your time and patience!

Happy coding!