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11-05-2013, 01:42 AM
Updated Lua Express:


Added 'Close Tab' menu option when you right click inside of an opened tab.
Added "New" option.
Added "New -> New File". Instead of creating a new project, you can create a new .lua file whenever.
Added Eluna Lua Engine custom library.
'New Project' has been moved to 'New -> New Project'.
Removed ArcEmu methods by default. I found it unprofessional to keep them.
ArcEmu is no longer a default option in the project selector main box.
ArcEmu has been moved to 'Custom' library option. These are located in Templates/ folder.
A message box will no longer appear when you click 'File Explorer'.
Optimized Lua Express (code, etc) and it should run very great.
Fixed "Network path" error when trying to open a file that isn't in your project or if you don't have a project.
Fixed crashes when using copy, paste, select and other components when there isn't a file loaded.

I added Eluna method library in Lua Express. It is located in Templates/ folder. Remember, all you need to do to use the methods for Eluna or ArcEmu is to create a "New Project". Here's a screenshot of me coding with Eluna's auto complete items:




If you have the previous version(s) of Lua Express, it should prompt you with an update menu. Just accept and download the newest version!

Don't have Lua Express? Download here: http://www.nomsoftware.com/dl/LE_2.0.1.3_setup.rar

Also note that Lua Express is still being updated!

Original EmuDevs Post: http://emudevs.com/showthread.php/7-Win-Lua-Express-v2-0-1-3?p=7&viewfull=1#post7

I recommend using this over Notepad++ for Eluna Lua Engine or ArcEmu!