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11-01-2013, 08:25 PM
Item Generator Ver: 1.0

It is very simple to use though it can be time consuming at first.

To my knowledge it does not have bugs as it is very basic, and if you choose to download and use it you will notice that is also not the prettiest thing but it functions and made my life much easier when i created 300 items in 10-15 minutes.

What it does: When you open the program you will be prompted to enter information from your Items Table, once you have entered all the required information it will ask you what you would like to multiply the stats by once you enter a value it will multiply the stats you entered by the number you input and create an SQL with 10 items that have stats increasing as you specified. What this mean is that when you run the generator once you have then generated 10 items, which is how i can create 300+ items. This also helps with balancing servers as you can now create one weapon and have 10 new weapons with increase/decreasing stats that are based from the item you input.

How to use: I had the fastest and most efficient results for this when i had my Item_template open and simply entered the values from each column as prompted by the program, yes it can be time consuming but most of the information stored in the Item_Template has 0's for values meaning you pretty much enter 0 for everything.

What is coming in Version 2.0?

*The program will read the values from the Database.
*Perhaps a user interface?
*Other emulator Support
*Any suggestions?

Download Link: FoxGaming Item Generator (http://www.mediafire.com/?5stfi7z7eyi7zi7)
* This is for TrinityCore Only!
* Please report any errors in this thread.
* Also post suggestions for Version 2.0
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11-01-2013, 08:43 PM
would be good to have the source of it so other can make it compatible to others emulators