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10-27-2013, 10:49 PM
So i got a message about feedback on this site.
If i were to rate this site Id give it an a+.

1. Everything to feed the emu scene resides here.

2. The sapport is marvales. Ive found if you have a issue and you clearly state your problem in sapport it gets answered withen a few minuts most of the time. Not only by Tommy and Faded but other very tallented and knoledgable people. And 99% of the time the issues are solved in a matter of a few reply's.

3. The community as a whole are very friendley and alot of fun .

4. The level system in my personal opinion is awsome. As you progress up in lvls. I becomes more and more diffacult to progress upwerd. Witch in turn makes it a real challange to progress. i find this brings out the best in people. Some might not agree with this but i like challanging things and this site is all that.. And it's fun. to test the limits of ones knoledge.

5. Content on this site refering to the wow emu secter gets no better. It covers every aspect of wow emulation..

6. Entertainment.. I find this part alot of fun people can post music vids and other vids and during downtime vea just being lazy it gives people interesting stuff to view..

7. The rules people always cringe at this but i find the rules alright many of us have been in the emu scene for a few years we have expiranced the very worst people have to offer in terms of being mean rude and everything inbetween. THESE rules are here for a reason..
There here to protect the members from abuse wich we all have experanced at one time or another.
Without these rule we would have another zoo of people spweing hete and animosity and negitave stuff..

8. Bugs these are a nusance but with knowing alot about websites this is to be expected but will resolve itself over time. Website grow and get better and better over time while evolving and becoming the titan this one is destend to be. So i grin and bear it . With the knoledge of knowing it will get better.

9.The sites look . Ive been in web stuff for a long time now i find the sites looks easy on the eyes. Nice to look at and easy to read. These are my requirements . And this site does very well..

10. Last but not least the staff.. LOL The staff are frendly witty and fun to play with. Thay are some of the most knloedgable people ive had the pleasure
of working with. Just relly alot of fun.So cudos from me..I always enjoy my time here. TY.

11. To everyone else i relly hope you enjoy your time here.Please post feedback so the site admins can get a idea of where you the members think
this site can be improved im sure all your ideas would be read and considered.

Kind regards _Ikester_

10-28-2013, 01:09 AM
Thanks! The support here will never be found anywhere else, we do have that aspect over others. The most part is that people come to EmuDevs for the support and to learn, which that's what it is about from the start. The level system is great, it doesn't base itself over certain specific 'reputation like points' so that can be abused, but it based off of activity in general. The more you do on the site, the faster you will progress and level.

I do admit there's a lot of rules, but it is the rules that bring order to a forum, especially these type of forums. I hate people flaming, trolling, insulting, etc -- people can live with respecting each other and staff. If people were joking about some of the rules that we strictly enforce, it wouldn't be much of an issue because what's the point in being a person that has a stick up their ass all the time?

Yes, the staff here is great. We don't like to be boring people or old grandpas that like to say "GET OFF MAH LAWN!"; however, we do have a dark side if we see something that is inappropriate, meaning, we aren't afraid to express our opinions. Thanks for your review, means a lot!

10-28-2013, 03:01 AM
TY. This is my honist review no holds bared. I rate this site 10/10 keep up the good work . :)