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10-01-2013, 11:33 PM

Tree 3.3.5 12340 Stable v15

x32 x64 Attack Cores
WOTG Teleports
Alliance Mall Teleport
Horde Mall Teleport
mysql 5.1.9 mysql match 100%
Truice db Editor
New npc's
Sound effects
0.0 Attack speed all
Dual 2h wield all
Dual wield all
Titan Grip all
negative source

Tree 3.3.5 12340 Stable v12

x32 x64
x32 x64 source
mysql 5.1.9 mysql match 100%
mysql 5.5.9
portable holes
music page

Tree Trinity 3.3.5 12340 Stable Playerbots v7

x32 x64
MYSQL 5.5.9
Sound Effects
Start Locations Edited
DK's get Start T11
Local Realm Added
Mailbox All Start Locations
99.9% working
Pocket Hearthstone Telporter
multi importer
Basic fixes
Portable holes all
Broken death strike fix
Dk & warrior parry fix
Dk can hearthstone home and can get
out of area with pocket porter.
Druid fix
Shamans start with totem
Music npc
All 150 vendors Gm Island
Trinitycore 11051+ahbot+playerbots x64
Player bots x64

Trinity Webwow Heaven Website
Phpbb309 Samurai Forums

Repack: x32x64
ATreeXampServerv7 --mysql 5.5.15--
Repack v12 Mysql 5.1.9 --mysql match 100%--
Repack v12 Mysql 5.5.9
Repack v15 Mysql 5.1.9
Repack v18 Mysql 5.1.9

Repack Mirrors
Tree 3.3.5 12340 Stable v18.rar:
Tree 3.3.5 12340 Stable v17.rar
Tree 3.3.5 12340 Stable v14.rar

Source & Bots Source:
10353 335a & Bots Source.rar Mirror:


missing dll error's or updates
Openssl 1.d
Netframwork 4
Visual Studio x86 Runtime 10 Drivers

Some Helpful Instructions:

The newest repack is v18 mysql 5.1.9,but if you want Xamp or mysql 5.5.9
then there are other downloads provided,but some do not have all the things.
The other versions are also notated with contents above,but if you are unsure which
repack to download then download v18 it has all the things.

As always my repacks are free to share and mod and i only wish for a mention
of the original author love always from tree. :)

Player bot commands:


/s .bot add BOTNAME (add character to world)
/s .bot remove BOTNAME
/s .bot co|combatorder BOTNAME COMBATORDER [TARGET]
/invite BOTNAME (bot will auto accept invite)

For a full list of commands, use '/t BOTNAME help' or various subcommands e.g. '/t BOTNAME help auction remove'.

/t BOTNAME attack (bot will attack selected target, similar to the way a pet can attack)
/t BOTNAME follow (orders bot to follow player; will also revive bot if dead or teleport bot if far away)
/t BOTNAME stay
/t BOTNAME assist (you'll need to be attacking something and the bot only does melee atm)
/t BOTNAME spells (replies with all spells known to bot)
/t BOTNAME craft < alchemy | a > (List all learnt alchemy [RECIPE]..)
< blacksmithing | b > (List all learnt blacksmith [RECIPE]..)
< cooking | c > (List all learnt cooking [RECIPE]..)
< engineering | e > (List all learnt engineering [RECIPE]..)
< firstaid | f > (List all learnt firstaid [RECIPE]..)
< inscription | i > (List all learnt inscription [RECIPE]..)
< jewelcrafting | j > (List all learnt jewelcrafting [RECIPE]..)
< leatherworking | l > (List all learnt leatherworking [RECIPE]..)
< magic | m > (List all learnt enchanting [RECIPE]..)
< smelting | s > (List all learnt mining [RECIPE]..)
< tailoring | t > (List all learnt tailoring [RECIPE]..)
/t BOTNAME craft [RECIPE] (craft any recipe that consumes reagents)
/t BOTNAME craft [RECIPE] all (craft all instances of a particular recipe, indicated by it's [charge])
/t BOTNAME process < disenchant | d > [ITEM LINK] (disenchants green [ITEM LINK] or better)
/t BOTNAME process < mill | m > [ITEM LINK] (grinds 5 herbs [ITEM LINK] to produce pigments)
/t BOTNAME process < prospect | p > [ITEM LINK] (searches 5 metal ore [ITEM LINK] for precious gems)
/t BOTANME enchant (lists all enchantments [SPELLLINK] learnt by the bot)
/t BOTANME enchant [SPELLLINK][ITEM LINK] (enchants selected tradable [ITEM LINK] either equipped or in bag)
/t BOTNAME use [ITEM LINK] (use item on self. If item hold quest, it will be accepted. If inventory item is lootable, it will be looted)
/t BOTNAME use [ITEM LINK] TARGET (use item on selected unit)
/t BOTNAME use [ITEM LINK][EQUIPPED ITEM LINK] (use item on equipped item)
/t BOTNAME use [ITEM LINK][GAMEOBJECT LINK] (use item on gameobject )
/t BOTNAME reset (will reset states, orders and loot list)
/t BOTNAME stats (bot shows available money, free inventory space and estimated item repair costs)
/t BOTNAME survey (bot shows all available gameobjects, within a local perimeter around the bot)
/t BOTNAME find [GAMEOBJECT LINK] (bot will travel to the gameobject location and then wait)
/t BOTNAME get [GAMEOBJECT LINK] (bot will fetch the selected gameobject and then return to the player)
/t BOTNAME quest (Shows bot's current quests)
/t BOTNAME quest < add | a > [QUESTLINK] (Adds a quest)
/t BOTNAME quest < drop | d > [QUESTLINK] (Drop a quest)
/t BOTNAME quest < end | e > (Turns in a completed quest)
/t BOTNAME quest < end | e > (Turns in a completed quest)
/t BOTNAME quest < report | r > (bot reports all items, creatures or gameobjects needed to finish quests)
/t BOTNAME orders (Shows bot's combat orders)
/t BOTNAME pet abandon (abandon current active hunter pet)
/t BOTNAME pet tame TARGET (tame selected creature, if bot has 'tame beast' spell in spellbook)
/t BOTNAME pet spells (Shows spells known to bot's pet. Autocast spells will be shown in green)
/t BOTNAME pet cast <SPELLID | (part of) SPELLNAME | [SPELLLINK]>
/t BOTNAME pet toggle <SPELLID | (part of) SPELLNAME | [SPELLLINK]> (Toggle autocast for a given spell)
/t BOTNAME pet state (Shows current react mode of bot's pet)
/t BOTNAME pet react <(a)ggressive | (d)efensive | (p)assive> (Set bot's pet reaction mode)
/t BOTNAME collect (shows collect subcommand options and current collect status)
/t BOTNAME collect <subcommand(s)> (subcommands can be alone or together [none combat loot objects profession quest])
/t BOTNAME sell [ITEM LINK] (bot will sell item(s) with nearest vendor)
/t BOTNAME buy [ITEM LINK] (bot buy item(s) from selected vendor)
/t BOTNAME drop [ITEM LINK] (bot will drop item immediately, permanently destroying it)
/t BOTNAME auction (bot will display all it's active owned auctions. Auction info will include an [AUCTION LINK] )
/t BOTNAME auction add [ITEM LINK] (bot will add item to it's m_itemIds, for later auction)
/t BOTNAME auction remove [AUCTION LINK] (bot will add auctionid to it's m_auctions, for later auction cancellation)
/t BOTANME mail inbox [MAILBOX] (Lists all bot mail from selected [MAILBOX])
/t BOTNAME mail getcash [MAIL ID].. (gets all cash from selected [MAIL ID])
/t BOTNAME mail getitem [MAIL ID].. (gets all items from selected [MAIL ID])
/t BOTNAME mail delete [MAIL ID].. (delete all bot mail selected [MAIL ID])
/t BOTNAME repair [ITEM LINK] (bot will seek out armourer and repair selected items specified by [ITEM LINK] )
/t BOTNAME repair all (bot(s) will seek out armourer and repair all damaged items equipped, or in bags )
/t BOTNAME talent (Lists bot(s) active talents [TALENT LINK] & glyphs [GLYPH LINK], unspent talent points & cost to reset all talents)
/t BOTNAME talent learn [TALENT LINK} .. (Learn selected talent from bot client 'inspect' dialog -> 'talent' tab or from talent command (shift click icon or link))
/t BOTNAME talent reset (Resets all talents)
/t BOTNAME talent spec (Lists talent specs available to this bot's class, with #, to use below)
/t BOTNAME talent spec # (If valid, uses this # talent spec for this bot (see # from talent spec above))
/t BOTNAME bank (Lists bot(s) bank balance)
/t BOTNAME bank deposit [Item Link][Item Link] .. (Deposit item(s) in bank)
/t BOTNAME bank withdraw [Item Link][Item Link] .. (Withdraw item(s) from bank. ([Item Link] from bank))
/t BOTNAME skill (lists all [PROFESSION LINK] bot Primary profession skills)
/t BOTNAME skill learn (lists [TRAINING LINK] available class, weapon & profession (Primary or Secondary) skills & spells, from selected trainer)
/t BOTNAME skill learn [TRAINING LINK] (learn selected skill or spell, from selected trainer)
/t BOTNAME skill unlearn [PROFESSION LINK] (unlearn selected primary profession skill & all associated spells)
/t BOTNAME help (lists all the commands above and how they work. Except for the ".bot command" ones.)
/t BOTNAME gm check talent spec (Does a validity check on all talentspecs in the database, only works for GMs or higher)

c = cast
e = equip
u = use

Credits: Trinity Core,Db,World of The Gods DB,Jeuties_Server,PHandels for Player Botx64 Core,TM3,Tree,Playerbot code provided by Nethrak,Churchill for repack mirrors