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09-28-2013, 09:26 PM
Watch Faded and I embark on a journey inside and outside of Alcatraz. We must escape the island to fulfill our goal. This is a response to someone else on Youtube. He did everything wrong and I wanted to make these videos to show how it is done. He died at the end of his video, Faded and I survived because we did everything correctly.


This is pretty much a reply to cheatlikeachamp's gameplay video located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acHf9fnPnOI

His video shows so many flaws on how to actually do this map without the running nonsense (At low rounds). You will have to run and kite zombies when you run out of ammo, but Faded and I starting kiting close to round 30. Even though his video is old, it is still wise to know how things should go.

How To:

1. Don't get the handgun from the top of the door.
2. Knife the zombies at round 1, getting over 1k points.
3. Open the door and go left, not right, after the zip-zag. After going left, go far down and kill zombies as they come. Watch the left jail cell because zombies spawn out of it.
4. After you're set, shank zombies until round 4 is over with. You should have enough points to open all of the doors that leads to the outside. You should still have enough points to buy the M40 w/scope.
4A. Do not get the Minigun and Bear power ups (Custom Power ups) unless you're low on ammo. I don't know if it is a bug, but it can lower the ammo in your other guns, even though they might be full.
5. Once you have your weapon, kill zombies until you reach enough points to open all/almost all of the doors that leads to and passed the random box.
6. Instead of kiting the zombies the entire time, buy the barricade that costs 500 points and go up the walk way that leads to the prison. DO not worry about zombies spawning behind you, the only way they can spawn is if you go passed the fence and towards the prison.
7. Do the same thing you do on zombie maps, get a crawler and go for the random box. If you still have 1500 points left and you don't feel as if you want to go for the random box, there is a nice mp5 on the wall outside of the same building that the random box starting location. It works wonders.
7A. KILL the AI, they aren't much help and all they do is kill your crawlers. However, if they aren't mounted on the MG, once killed they will drop a PPSH you can pick up.
8. Do NOT start the generators (even if you have enough points for Juggernog) until you have at least 10-15k points to get the Ray Gun. Once you have the ray gun, shoot the glass inside of the building where the Quick Reload perk's switch is. That will allow you to turn on Quick Reload once the generators are up.
9. Once you have everything going smoothly, get fuel and fuel up both Juggernog and Quick Reload generators then start them and start the next round. Now, you cannot prevent the generators from actually breaking, so just becareful of that.
10. After reach round, stop the generators (Juggernog and Quick Reload aka Slight of Hands) and find more fuel to fuel them up. Fuel always spawns, so don't worry about running out.
11. You should have a good enough edge on the map to actually get pack-a-punch, which you should've gotten it probably a few numbers ago just incase. Anyway, start two generators to power pack-a-punch, one is located under the stairs going towards pack-a-punch and the other is near the Tractor. Once those start, flip their switches and hurry to get pack-a-punch. After getting pack-a-punch on your weapons, stop the generators that run pack-a-punch's power to save the fuel in it for later.
11A. Pack-a-punch an ACR to use it's grenade launcher and destroy the gate passed the tractor to escape once you have 35,000 points.

12. Rinse and repeat #10, stay alive, get 35,000 points to end the game and enjoy my video on completing this map.

Enjoy 3 hours of gameplay!









Hope you enjoy. \o/

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Awesome map :D.I hope I have time to play this!

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Pretty fun and kinda buggy. :/

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Relly cool vids tommy.. :somuchwin:

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God damn map =\

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Thanks guys!