View Full Version : 7 Days to Die Loot Duplication Method

09-17-2013, 02:26 AM
Hey guys, Faded and I stumbled across this after we found out we actually did it. \o/

This method may only work when you loot one time, we haven't tested this further to see if you can keep looting.

This is ALSO in ALPHA 1.1. If this is fixed, guess it is too late to try!

.: Duplicating :

This can only be done on multiplayer.

[*=2]When you find good loot, DO NOT LOOT IT JUST YET!
[*=2]Tell your friend you're playing with to come to you and open the lootable object at the same time you do.
[*=2]After you both have the loot window opened, loot the item(s).
[*=2]Happy duping! \o/

Untested way to dupe more on the same lootable object

[*=2]Do the same as above, but one of you who looted the item(s) close their loot window.

[*=2]After they close their loot window, close yours and re-click the lootable object to see if the item(s) are back in the loot window.
[*=2]Happy dupe testing. \o/