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09-07-2013, 07:42 PM

.: ABOUT :.

Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding a full Soviet faction packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armie as well as the rugged Ostheer - a unique new Axis faction who was designed from the ground up to counter the Soviets s - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

.: SOURCE :.

Before downloading Eastern Front, please ensure that you have Company of Heroes patched to 2.700, this is vital as the mod relies on certain features from this latest patch. All future updates will be applied automatically through the Launcher.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.moddb.com/mods/coheastern-front/downloads/eastern-front-210-full-ostheer

This modification is pretty damn fun. Coming with 15 new maps and 2 new factions is just plain AWESOME! Even though it is somewhat old -- they like to keep it up to date which is always a plus. You can also make new maps yourself using the COH WorldBuilder. I've enjoyed this modification more than Company of Heroes 2 sadly and that's kinda bad considering a newer version of COH is suppose to be better. :/

Anyway, Soviet is OP as hell and that's what makes it very awesome! GO RUSSIA, HEIL HITLER! Enjoy the mod. :D

09-07-2013, 07:53 PM