View Full Version : Regarding Market and Rules

08-15-2013, 06:12 PM
It comes to my attention we have no rules or any information as to why we don't have a selling or trading section(s). The reason for this is because we aren't here for people to sell, trade and stuff pertaining to such actions. This website is here for you to learn and enjoy the community. Another reason is because the staff isn't going to deal with anyone if you get scammed, that would be your fault, not ours.

There won't be any place for you to sell, trade, etc. You have plenty of buying and trading sites willing to do this for you, so let's keep it clean!

To further enforce this, the rules has been updated.

#29: Selling, Trading or anything regarding a Market isn't allowed. If you don't see a Marketplace or no sections related to selling, trading, etc -- then don't post a thread.

For those of you that already have created a thread, that's fine, we didn't have information at the time. I'll let those slide, other than that, threads like these will be moved to the trash or deleted.

Thanks! \o/